10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Rehab

Finding the right rehab center can be an uphill task that can only add to the woe of a struggling person. The rehabilitation center in Delhi belonging to safehouse happens to be one of the best rehabs in India. Below are the ten questions one should ask oneself before zeroing in on the rehab of their choice.

  1. Is it licensed?
    A licensed or accredited means that a rehab center will meet at least minimum requirements that are meant to be met are there. With a lot of quacks and hack jobs running places without any medical license or credit. Ask to see a facility’s license if it is important or you something dubious.
  2. Inpatient or Outpatient?
    Inpatient is a recovering addict who devotes all of his treatment duration in the rehab center while the outpatient mostly goes through a treatment goes through the process in a way that fits his schedule. Inpatient rehab is generally considered the most effective way of rehab while Outpatient rehab is for people that can’t take time off for the rehab.
  3. Are you comfortable with the facility?
    With most of the rehab centers offering decent residential complexes, it is of paramount importance that the person seeking rehab is comfortable with the environment. Most rehabs also include leisure areas and activities to keep mind off substances that landed you here in the first place.
  4. Types of therapies included in the treatment
    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, one on one counselling and group therapy are staples in a de-addiction program. Make sure you know all the kinds of therapies that are available at your disposal at the centre.
  5. Experiencing co-occurring disorders and mental illness
    In as high as 50% of substance addiction stem or occur combined with another underlying mental illness. Thus getting treated simultaneously for both should be high on your list.
  6. Staff Qualification
    Credentials of the staff matter a lot because you will be giving yourself to complete strangers at the time of vulnerability. Any rehab facility that dodges these questions raises many red flags.
  7. What kind of assistance is offered to family members?
    This is a question that one should ask before going into a rehab program because addiction affects not only the person but also the people around them. Enquire whether they also provide the guidance and support to the family too.
  8. How good is the aftercare?
    Completing the rehab program is one of the many steps on the road to recovery. Ask about the lifetime support, outpatient access.
  9. Is the detox medically supervised?
    Deficiency of a substance can wreak havoc to one’s body and detox should always be medically supervised to ensure the safety of the person going through it. Thus a Doctor or a nurse shall be present at all times.
  10. Payment options?
    Some rehab centers accept payment from insurance while others don’t include rehab in their health care plan thus it is important to know how you will cover the costs of the program.

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