5 Best Cable Crossover Machines for Different Home Gyms

A cable crossover machine is versatile and safer if you want to build strength. The equipment provides controlled resistance that helps you focus on specific muscles. You can isolate a muscle to get the strength and tone you’re after. If you’re shopping for cable crossover equipment that you can use at home, here are five options that you can start with.

Cybex Eagle NX 8 Stack Cable Crossover

Priced at $11,995, this is the latest and current model from one of the industry leaders in the field of fitness equipment. If you’re looking for commercial grade exercise equipment, this should go on top of your list. It’s an excellent addition to any home gym, studio, or even a commercial gym if you ever have plans to set one up. Nine people can use this machine simultaneously, so it’s an excellent investment. You can also look for preowned options for this cable crossover machine and see how the price compares to brand-new machines.

Nautilus Inspiration 4 Stack cable Crossover Jungle Gym

If you’re tired of going to the local gym but still want to stay in shape, you’ll need a suitable exercise machine. You’ll want to check out this option if you’re looking for a unit that will be perfect for your training studio. This machine can be configured in a lot of ways. Consider the lock and load and how it eliminates the annoying pins that you find in other machines. To start, select your weight, and you can get started. Don’t hesitate to look for pre-used options for a lower price tag.

Life Fitness Signature Series MJ5 Multi-Stack Jungle Gym Cable Crossover

The machine comes with a 4-station pulley, making it stand out from the other exercise equipment you’ll find in the market. The four stations include lat pulldown, 2x adjustable pulley cable crossovers, tricep extension, and low row. You can customize the machine with add-ons and explore the setups and configurations. If you’re looking for workout variety, your choices with this machine are limitless.

Empire Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Crossover Machine

The machine has a multi-grip pull-up bar. The unit is built like a tank and is ideal for traveling through tight spaces, so it’s packed optimally. You won’t have to worry about the machine sustaining damage. The dual adjustable pulleys and heavy 265 lb. stacks make for a decent unit. If you only need the basics, this crossover machine is an excellent option.

Empire 5-Stack Jungle Gym Dual Adjustable Pulley Cable Crossover The machine has 300 lb. weight stacks, comes with high tension cables, and multi-chin grips designed with smooth rubber, so you can handle them with ease. Stations around the central hub can be changed. The unit is heavy, though, so keep that in mind when you pick a spot for the machine. As for dissembling and putting this together, the equipment is quick enough to assemble. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, so you won’t have to worry about making any mistakes that could damage the machine.

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