7 Reasons to Consider Kurl-on Mattress

Kurlon Mattress

When one hears the word mattress, the first thought which resonates in the mind is the brand Kurl-on. Kurl-on has carved a name for itself in this field and has almost become synonymous with the term mattress. Are you craving hours of soothing sleep after toiling hard in the day? Or wish to get rid of persistent back issues? Or do you desire to transform your bedroom, complying with the latest trends? 

Look no further; Kurl-on mattresses have all of them covered. If you are still in a dilemma, or are harbouring second thoughts, these seven reasons will drive away all those apprehensions.

1. Sleep in tranquility, unperturbed: 

Eight hours of unbothered sleep is not only a blissful experience but also augurs well for the physical and psychological well-being of the body. Every person, exhausted or not, craves a peaceful rest at the end of each day. Kurl-on mattress satiates this yearning to the brim, with its various advanced technology and specifications. For instance, the Angelica Box Top mattress is equipped with MSI technology. 

This not only gives one person unruffled and soothing sleep but also refrains from creating turbulence for the person sharing the bed, as a consequence of body movements. This Kurl-on  mattress’s price is slightly on the higher side, but it is worth the money. However, if the budget is still an area of concern, the Dream Sleep mattress by Kurl-on  is the one to go for. Boasting of High Tensile Bonnell springs which enhance ease and comfort, Dream Sleep mattress won’t take a heavy toll on the pocket.

2. Keep back issues at bay: 

People not only have varied sleeping patterns, but also positions. When one reposes, the conscious part of the mind is not active. Several individuals develop a habit of rolling on the bed, from one corner to the other. In this process, they can get tangled in uncomfortable positions, which can leave a long-lasting impact on the back, especially when the mattress lacks the equipment to provide comfort. Foam-based Kurl-on mattresses — for instance, the Mermaid, adjusts to the ever-changing body positions, and conforms to the posture, helping in keeping back issues like Spondylitis at a safe distance from the consumer. Kurl-on mattresses do not sag or lose their shape, which ensures a healthy spinal cord.

3. Aesthetic essence: 

Individuals who seek aesthetic values in every aspect of life, do not shy away from incurring a hefty expense while designing their homes. A mattress is an integral part of every bedroom, and it should also be infused with exquisite qualities to live up to the aesthetic expectations. Spine Therapy by Kurl-on not only shields against back troubles, but is a thing of sublime beauty.

4. Microbe and pest resistant: 

The Buglock technology employed by Kurl-on renders it microbe and pest resistant. The presence of disease spreading vectors in the vicinity of the resting area can put health at risk. These also reduce the durability of the mattresses. For instance, the Convenio foam mattresses’ Kurlopedic Technology maintains its freshness and disseminates a lively vibe in the surroundings. It keeps the dust mites, microbes, and other insects away from the sleeping space.

5. Innumerable choices: 

For all those people who prefer the availability of sufficient options at their disposal, Kurl-on is the brand to consider. Be it foam or coir or spring-based, Kurl-on has got it all covered. Each category has its specialty and nature. However, one feature which binds them is the unflinching and unwavering quality of delivering peak relaxation and luxury.

6. Accessible in a wide range of sizes: 

Kurl-on not only provides variety in the material of the mattress but also in the field of dimensions. Furnish your bedroom with a Single, Double, King, or Queen sized mattress as per necessity. Apart from these four broad categories, there are other flexible size classifications to opt from.

7. Inclusive in all aspects: 

Whether one is willing to spend an exorbitant price or possesses a limited budget, Kurl-on has something for one and all. This inclusive trait of Kurl-on assists it to pip every other competitor in the market.

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