7 Reasons To Use E-Learning App For ICSE Class 10 Maths Solutions

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Hearing about the subject Mathematics in class 10th itself brings about dread in a student’s mind, with highly complex formulas and concepts, to understand and solve and thus the subject mathematics puts a  heavy burden on children to study and even pass the same with flying colors.  

E-Learning App offers to give students better practice journals and preparation in the form of solved question papers, videos, and other ancillary tools to enable smart and easy studying for students and thus gain good marks during the final examinations. 

The Students Interactive Unfold U App gives to various students across India various educational videos, access materials and features in the form of:

1: Past Solved Question Papers: 

Past Solved Question Papers for better preparation about the trend of questions being asked and get prepared well in advance to avoid confusion and time loss. Students by solving the past question papers can save a lot of time during the time of final examinations as they get a clear picture of the manner the question paper designed, plan the slotting of time for each question accordingly and complete the whole paper well within the allotted time;

2: Animated Educational Videos: 

Animated Educational Videos for in-depth subject understanding and solving of mathematical equations, enabling the students to grasp complex mathematical formulas in the form of flow charts and sectional tables;

3: Digital Note Making Facility: 

Online note making facility for users to curate a personalized way of solving complex problems, notes and formulas for quick answering in the final examinations. Additionally, during the last minute of revisions, the notes personalized by the student can get handy in solving a complicated problem or even guidance is given by the teacher, included in the notes can make the task of completing the whole mathematics paper before time and facile; 

4: Formula Books: 

A digital dashboard of Formula Books, for through learning of all formulas by heart as well as for their smart implementation during final examinations. A digital dashboard of the full mathematical formula book will enable a student away from home, in case of emergency to revisit and revise each of the formulas to heart and thus get ready to give exams, uncomplicated and effortless; 

5: 24*7 Digital Homework Assistance: 

Digital Homework Assistance in the form of separate Student and Parents Login ID and password system to enable better learning and monitoring and regular completion of homework on a daily basis;

6: Student Helpline: 

A special helpline number has been provided to distressed students in need of any clarifications, doubts or even any kind of examination guidance during the office hours from Mondays to Saturdays; and

7: Mock Test Schedules: 

Additionally, we also float in our app, Mock Test Schedules for all users to readily apply for various types of mock exams, any number of times for best practice and higher examination performance.  This feature of conducting numerous mock tests induces the confidence of students by negating their fear for exams and making the process of giving examinations a stress-free and easy, your best search ended here at the best ICSE class 10 maths solutions.

Wrapping UP

Last but not the least, let me conclude that the life of a student in Class 10 studying mathematics with the use of our E-Learning App becomes easy and the scheme of preparation for examinations becomes fun and appealing.

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