7 Things Every Train Traveller Needs to Do

Be it the excitement of sharing home-cooked food with fellow passengers or the apprehension to convert the waiting list PNR status into the confirmed one; there are several emotions and experiences associated with one single train journey.

So, if you are from the lot who travels from this mode of transportation frequently, or if you are planning for one soon, here are few things that you must know to make this time even more cherishing and fun.

1. Book Well in Advance

Thanks to more than 20 million people travelling by trains every day, the tickets get sold out rather fast. Although there are more than 12000 trains to ferry millions of passengers, you are mostly not going to get a ticket if you do not book in advance. Yes, there is a tatkal booking option that you can use to book tickets 48 hours before the date of journey, but procuring a confirmed ticket is not all that easy. Thus, ensure that you book your tickets well in time to have a smooth journey. However, don’t lose heart if you get a waiting list ticket especially if you have ample days before your journey. Just make sure you check PNR status every few days or weeks. There are high chances you will get a confirmed seat.

2. Safety First

While travelling by trains in India is one of the most affordable and convenient ways of travel, Indian Railways is also notorious for not being the safest way to commute. Especially for female and senior citizens, the train journeys can be a bit scary. However, if you play safe and follow certain rules, you will be safe. Here are some valuable safety tips.

  • Don’t eat anything offered to you by strangers
  • Dress conservatively to avoid malicious attention
  • Keep a few helpline numbers handy
  • If you are travelling alone, befriend a family next to you.

3. Clean Environment is a Happy Environment

While the government is taking innumerable initiatives to spread adequate knowledge about the clean and hygienic environment, there are still a handful of irresponsible people walking on the same track. Whether the journey is a long one or just a couple of hours, it is better to keep the surroundings clean than to take uncalled diseases along. The points that you must keep in mind are:

  • Don’t throw plastic or waste outside the train window
  • Keep paper-soap along & wash your hands after going toilet every time
  • Keep the toilets clean after use for the next passenger
  • Don’t leave left-over food in the aisle for too long after eating

4. Find your Ways to Kill Time

Train journeys can be quite long, exhausting, and boring. If it is not an everyday commute for you and you are on the longer track, then you can pack some gadgets along to kill time. You can download a movie or watch the long-pending series on your journey. If not, you can even keep ample of music stored on your devices and explore new genres. If these things don’t appeal you, you can make a book your friend. If you are an extrovert, you can carry a deck of cards, and surely, you will find several people to play along.

5. Basic Social Etiquettes

Without any doubt, travelling by train is one of the most amazing experiences. You not only get to meet strangers but sometimes, share their astonishing stories as well. However, while being lenient is good, understanding social etiquettes is far important. So, here are some things that you must keep in mind while travelling by train:

  • Don’t block anyone’s way by standing in the aisle especially during boarding or de-boarding at stations.
  • Don’t keep the lights on till late at night
  • Don’t stare at someone unnecessarily, especially women passengers
  • Don’t play loud music
  • Be mindful of others when travelling in groups

6. Safeguard your Belongings

Even the railways recommend staying cautious of thieves and pickpockets. Your safety is obviously in your hands. So, make sure every belonging that you are carrying is safe. If possible, carry a chain and a small lock along to keep your luggage tied up under your seat. Don’t leave your bag abandoned on the seat. Don’t take out gadgets if not required. Be cautious and be safe.

7. Travel Smart

Smart travel has made travel seamless. You can make use of the technology and apps to make your travel hassle-free. There are some official apps that you can download in your smartphone to check PNR status. If on a long journey, you can even order food from apps and it will be delivered right at your berth. Or, if you are going to a completely new city, keep taxi apps downloaded on your phone so that you can book a cab the moment you get out of the station.

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Instead of keeping a tab on your train PNR status the whole time, experience the moments you have got the work. So, the next time you are boarding a train, you can keep these points in mind and make the journey even more amazing.

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