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Are you preparing for your new flat or home? I hope you have already gathered everything that you need. But because of our busy schedules sometimes it is common for us to forget about even some important stuff. But still, we somehow manage to gather it. Wait! Have you gathered every information about Vaastu yet or not? If you have then you are all set up. If you haven’t, then I am telling you that it’s not late yet. You can still consider hiring Vaastu Consultant Mumbai to get the best suggestions for Main Door Vaastu for Flats. 

But, what is Vastu? Well, Vastu is an ancient technology in India that is being used as an essential part of building houses. Vastu plays a vital role when you are concerned about the future of your home. If you strictly follow the rules of Vastu (for example, Main Door Vastu for Flats) then you will be blessed with peace and a bright future for your home. 

Today I’m going to introduce you to some of the important Main Door Vaastu for Flats.

#1. North, North-east, East, or West should be directed when you open the door

As per Vastu, North, North-east, East, or West are the proper direction for the main entrance of a home. In case, if it is placed facing south by mistake during construction, then you still don’t need to worry. Just place a Vastu Pyramid for the main door entrance to correct it. But, I still strongly recommend you follow the rules of Main Door Vastu for Flats for happiness and prosperity for your home. 

#2. Don’t place another door in the same line as the entrance door

Keep in mind, never place another door in the same line as the entrance door. I’m not saying this, Vastu is. By following this Vastu rule, you can keep your home safe from negative energy. 

#3. Build your main door the biggest one 

According to Vastu, the Main door should be the biggest door as compared to the other doors of the house. Building it in two parts is even better.

#4. Wood is preferred to be the best material for the doors

According to Vastu, using wooden doors is much better than metal. Still, if you like metal so much you can attach some metal accessories to the wooden door. 

#5. Always use light colors for entrance doors    

As per Vastu rules, using light colors like white or light yellow is preferable to other colors. Don’t use bright colors like orange or red.

#6. Use odd numbers for main entrance steps

If you have steps at the entrance door, make sure there is an odd number of steps. The odd number of steps brings good fortune. 

#7. Potted green plants are very effective more than you imagined 

Green plants bring more positive energy to your house. Vastu also suggests you use green plants for the decoration. 

#8. Using a wooden nameplate is more preferable

Everybody uses nameplates in front of their front doors. Vaastu says wooden nameplate direct flow of cosmic energy. 

Wrapping Up: 

Hope you are now aware of the effectiveness of Vaastu. Just remember to hire Vastu Consultant Mumbai whenever you want to enter a new home.

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