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SMS Marketing, also called text message marketing, helps brands connect with new customers while nurturing the existing ones, generating more sales.


SMS marketing has been around for a long time, practically since the medium was around. Recent years have significantly induced changes in the brand preferences in engaging customers or interacting with them. The format and proximity of text message marketing can make it favorable to consumers. 

Mobile phones are an integral part of every human now, while text messages have the extra advantage of being precise and consuming ease. Besides that, the target audience includes mostly natives of the digital world- people who grew up with mobiles and technology, making SMS marketing the perfect complement to digital marketing. 

SMS marketing can become an integral part of every brand if they understand how to use it. SMS marketing stands for ‘short message service’ marketing, a feasible and great alternative to email marketing, aiding brands to increase brand awareness, boost customer engagement, and generate more leads. An SMS Marketing Company offers e-commerce industries a great and unique opportunity to build a wide and loyal customer base. 

SMS marketing is conducted mostly in bulk SMSs, via Blast SMS service providers, sending SMSs in bulk to the potential customers, used primarily for promotional campaigns. Before you think of using SMS marketing as your new marketing platform, you need to understand the basics of SMS marketing and the Pros and Cons.

Pros and Cons of SMS Marketing:

SMS marketing is both relevant and a major marketing trend for brands looking for a platform to promote their products. Digital marketing channels are down-performing and have become unaffordable, making SMS marketing a popular choice for customer engagement. Brands use SMS marketing services in a variety of ways. 

  • Mobile Coupons – Text message marketing leverages the coupons and discount codes, encouraging subscribers to shop more. 
  • Flash Sales – SMS marketing offers immediacy, driving immediate product purchases with flash sales. 
  • Events – A SMS Marketing Company provides efficient ways to promote products, attract a wide audience, and increase attendance in an event. 
  • Polls – Brands use text message marketing, allowing customers to vote, enticing them to visit more. 

Now that you know how SMS marketing works, it’s time to know about the various benefits and disadvantages it renders on a business. 60% of business owners are investigating SMS marketing for brand promotions. The reasons include:

  • Increased Conversion Rates – One of the most important advantages of SMS marketing is that it drives conversions, generating maximum returns. 
  • Easy to Consume – Besides the high conversion rates, SMSs are easy to read, and customers open text messages upon receiving. It provides a perfect channel for brands to display flash sales or events. 
  • Cost-effective – SMS marketing is affordable and doesn’t require huge investments, and is suitable for all types of businesses. 

You have learned about some basic advantages of Blast SMS services. However, sometimes, customers feel text messages are invasive. Thus, SMS marketing has its fair share of downsides as well. They are:

  • Short Messages – Brands have a limited space to get their message across, and sometimes, the space falls short. 
  • Difficulty in Customer Engagement – SMS marketing is not engaging like other marketing platforms. Interactions may be high, but customer engagement becomes tough for brands, and there is no guarantee whether customers can open them. 
  • The New Channel – SMS marketing calls for new channels, which can be weary to brands looking for ease of marketing. 

Final Words:

SMS marketing is a remarkable way to promote a company’s products and services. Before thinking of integrating an SMS Marketing Company, you need to understand the effects thoroughly. No marketing platform is free from cons, but the benefits of Blast SMS services outweigh the cons. With clear understanding and support, you can also make SMS marketing work for you and your business.

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