Akoya Oxygen Offers Best High-End Boutique Villas

Boasting of lush green surroundings, Akoya Oxygen villas offer seclusion, tranquillity, and much more to its residents. These are especially for the discerning customers who wish to remain aloof of the chaotic Dubai commercial world while being in the middle of it. DAMAC Properties, one of the most known and best real estate developers in the Dubai region has recently launched the Kensington Boutique Villas which make a part of beautiful residential space Akoya Oxygen. The Beverly Hills Boutique Villas are another prime and beautiful offerings by the same developer in the same region. These two communities have been very well planned around the International golf courses and boast of world-class amenities.

Kensington Villas at Akoya Oxygen

The Kensington Akoya Oxygen Villas and residential areas redefine luxury living. The outdoor spaces are well manicured while the architecture is grand and breathtaking. It is said that the developer has drawn inspiration from the residential spaces and villas in London for this project. Special emphasis has been given towards keeping the residential spaces full of greenery and flora. The Trump International Golf Club offers a very pristine view. This Golf course has been designed by Gil Hanse, who has also been accredited with the designing of the golf course at Rio de Janeiro Olympics in the year 2016.

Thriving community

The vicinities also have all that the residents of this beautiful space require. There are ample retail and commercial centres close by, and the restaurants and hotels offer exquisite dining experience.

Proximity to the city centre 

The residential space and Akoya Oxygen have a proximity to the city centre as well. All it takes is a 25-minute drive for the distance to be covered, and the Expressway provides for a very fast and modern driving experience as well. That is why the residents of Akoya Oxygen villas get the best of all the worlds. They are always close to their business centres and working areas, and never far from their beautiful home that offers a world of amenities while being close to nature.

Multiple payment options

The Akoya Oxygen has villas and residential spaces in different forms, designs, and sizes so as to suit the investor and buyer interests and pocket fully. The villas and residential spaces are available with many bedroom strengths so that one can easily purchase the best option for himself or for the family needs. There are also multiple payment options available and a buyer can purchase a Villa in one single payment or can pay through instalments.

Life has never been so fulfilling for residents of Dubai, and these new Akoya Oxygen Villas for saleoffer the best to investors at the most affordable cost. The extensive amenities include saps, fitness centres, and much more. Efforts by leading designers provide for use of sustainable materials well integrated within the built and design of the villas, which also have been fully furnished by DAMAC itself. 

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