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Alcohol Addiction Center

If you’re reading this post about a rehab center Mumbai, it’s quite likely that you or someone in your family is suffering from alcoholism. Individuals who are heavy and regular consumers of alcohol, and display violent, abusive, aggressive behavior routinely after consuming alcohol, are alcoholics. In Best Rehabs experience, alcoholics are very pleasant before consuming alcohol, and the opposite after. Such complete personality switching is a part of alcoholism/addiction-related behavior. 

With all these different types of behaviors/personalities and symptoms that a victim of ‘alcoholism/addiction’ displays, it is in reality difficult/unfair on the rest of the family. The secondary problems that arise from alcoholism are extensive also. The problems are usually professional/job related, and damaged personal relationships, reputation/credibility loss among friends, family and society and more. Such problems also become very painful/real problems for the family to deal with.

Best Rehab situated in Mumbai;

Best Rehab is situated in Mumbai, and we offer modern and luxurious accommodation to our patients/recovering addicts. The methods that are used to cure alcoholism involve the latest psychological, medical and positive habit forming treatments and activities. The environment is designed to be stress free for the patients to encourage quick healing and recovery from alcoholism. The methods used are completely professional and effective in curing the patient. Patients of alcoholism come for rehabilitation only after they come to a realization that their life is out of control. We at Best Rehab Center , know how to provide the patient of alcoholism with the freedom from this addiction/disease that they crave/require.  

Alcoholics require professional assistance to be free from this habit. The reason alcoholism is termed as a disease is because, medical research has proven that addictions are beyond the ability of the ‘patient/victim’ to contain on their own. As professionals we advise those who are dealing with alcoholics in their families, and we realize that their home environment must be emotionally charged. 

However, we advise that they refrain from activities such as arguing, fighting, provoking the patient, accusing or verbally and physically assaulting the patient. The reason for this is because the addiction, that control of the patient, and that is why it is called an addiction. The patient does not have control of the situation, or even over his/her own behavior. So accusing the patient of not changing his/her behavior is the worst approach, and will result in nothing positive. 

The road to freedom for addicts/alcoholics;

Gaining back control of one’s life is a full time task for an alcoholic. In many cases the damage that they have done to their lives/relationships with family, friends, relatives, colleagues and more exist even after their recovery. This makes life very painful for recovering patients/addicts, and they do require plenty of emotional and mental support. 

At Best Rehab Mumbai, we understand all the pitfalls that a recovering patient faces, and we provide as much of the emotional and mental support/guidance as possible professionally to enable patients to restart their lives again. Such emotional/mental support is necessary for patients who are emotionally weak for a while as they gain their strength back. We know how patients heal, and the entire process of getting their lives sorted takes time. Additionally, the additional support is very important also to prevent patients from relapsing. 

Relapse for an addict is a massive problem if it happens, and does happen post rehab sometimes when the patient does not receive proper support. Alternatively, a patient can also relapse if he/she is exposed to alcohol in the company of his/her old friends who do not care about his/her recovery. Recovering addicts realize that they need to make some clear choices if they want to gain control of their lives back. 

Unfortunately, the society that we live in is full of negative people who actively encourage others to consume excessive amounts of alcohol. This could be as a joke or for fun’s sake and so on. However, offering a recovering alcoholic who is a ‘victim’ of alcohol to consume alcohol will cause them to relapse. In such a situation he/she will require professional assistance again to be rescued from the situation. As any professional knows, the only people who can actually recover from addiction are those who have reached a stage where they realize that they hate their addiction, and it’s ruining their entire lives. 

What are the realities of rehab, how does it work;

There was a time in India where the concept of alcohol and drug related addictions and rehabilitation was very frowned upon. Today, however with film stars and famous personalities occasionally checking themselves into rehab, it has become far more socially acceptable. According to legal requirements today, patients ‘cannot be forced’ into rehabilitation and held without their consent. 

This system of dealing with addictions as was done in the past, is now long gone. In the past addiction was not understood, and the common/uneducated opinion was that the addict was indulging in it for their own satisfaction. Today, it is a medically proven fact that addicts are not in control of their behavior, and are in-fact victims of the addiction. 

Alcoholics are sometimes known to be physically violent towards family, relatives, spouses, children, others as well and so on. This situation is unfair to the family and those who are on the receiving end of the abuse. However, the only solution to the problem is finding the cure. The successful treatment of alcoholism needs the knowledge and skill of psychologists and doctors who are specialized in the subject matter. 

Dealing with addictions requires the professional help of psychologists who understand the functioning of the human mind. Addictions have an effect on the neurological pathways of the mind, altering the reasoning and decision-making powers of the victim/patient. Understanding this and re-implementing the correct psychological reasoning and decision-making capability of the patient is not a job for family and friends. 


For more information related to the professional rehabilitation and assistance that we offer alcoholics/addicts, you can reach us via our contact page. Our team of professionals and doctors will respond to your queries and advise you on the best course of action, within 24 hours at the most. We encourage you to reach out to us if you’re situated in and around Mumbai, and feel that you require help to get your life back on track, or to reclaim your life back from addiction. We are professionals at helping addicts and alcoholics gain freedom from their addictions.

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