All You Need To Know About Catholic Wedding Ceremony

All You Need To Know About Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Spanish wedding ceremonies can require alot of planning, just how any other wedding ceremony in different cultures require immense planning. Everyone wants their “Big day” to be a day that they (and everyone attending the wedding) remember for their life. So, everyone wants their wedding day to be PERFECT!

If you are from Spain and are looking for a wedding planner, or if you are one of those “lucky ones” who choose to have a destination wedding and have chosen Spain as your destination, then be sure to worry less, for Spanish Wedding Planner will make all your wedding ceremony aspirations come true.

Spanish Wedding Planner will ensure that you have the perfect wedding ceremony. When planning your wedding ceremony, one of the primary facts to consider is the allocated budget.

If you choose to have a spanish wedding ceremony, Spanish Wedding Planner will organise your wedding ceremony in the best way possible.

Spanish Wedding Services Offered 

If you would like to have a Spanish catholic wedding ceremony, Spanish Wedding Planner offers services starting from EUR 400 where they book your spanish catholic wedding ceremony in a church and complete your legal documentation at the townhall after the ceremony.

Spanish Wedding Planner offers basic wedding planning services which includes assistance with planning, venue recommendation or paperwork.

Wedding coordination is their standard service that includes event planning, coordination with chosen vendors and specialized event management on the wedding day. This includes coordination of the basic elements that is required for the wedding day.

Spanish Wedding Planner also has a list of other services to make your Spanish wedding ceremony a dream come true.

These include photography, decorations,flowers, catering, hotel reception services per person, open bar services, wedding cake, videography,  organising the sound system, church musicians, cocktail hour and reception musicians, flamenco dancers, D.J, etc.

Spanish Wedding Planners organise the Minister for Blessing and ensure that he is in direct contact with the wedding couple from the very beginning.

As a Spanish wedding ceremony organiser they try to keep the bride and groom and their family free from the hassle of dealing with different vendors. Spanish Wedding Planners work with preferred vendors who offer discounts on products and services.

If other unique wedding services are required, Spanish Wedding Planners go out of their way to offer those services (at an additional cost) to make your Spanish wedding one to remember.

To get more information on the prices of the different services offered and get a detailed description of their services, contact them or visit their website on

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