BCA Correspondence Course from LPU

BCA Correspondence Course from LPU

LPU distance education in BCA provides three years undergraduate program. To a candidate who wants to get their careers in computer-related fields and meet the BCA capability criteria set by LPU distance education BCA.

Bachelor of Computer Application is the full form for BCA course and LPU distance education in BCA offers a holistic and top-notch distance education with affordable Bachelor of Computer Application degree course fees. The professional and highly experienced faculty in the BCA section create LPU distance education a renowned BCA university. 

Subjects involved in the BCA mainly curriculum cover several programming languages, operating systems, their applications, and computer networking, and many others. A candidate who knows about the BCA degree course capability and takes enrolled to try to get BCA are given wide exposure to the IT industry also, the Bachelor of Computer Application degree course commonly focuses on imparting practical information or knowledge and enhancing candidate soft skills.

The capability of this Progress

12th in any stream or compeer

Capability, admission criteria or any other position mentioned herein or otherwise for admission to any procedure is a course to change as prescribed by the distance education of Lovely Professional University.

The Program of BCA Course and their Facility information

In the BCA department has fully-fledged computer labs for a candidate to practice their computing skills. Several practical exposures and hands-on experience in program work are offered to the candidate through seminars and workshops organized by the placement cell. Some of the possible recruiters offer a handsome salary or amount packages under several work profiles.

Opportunities of Career or Jobs

LPU distance education BCA is one of the leading BCA institutes, colleges, or universities that offered optimal placements and has specific Bachelor of Computer Application capability. After completing the BCA degree course, there are various career choices for candidates to select from. 

LPU distance education BCA enables a candidate to take place in high-notch firms, companies, or factories also depending on their knowledge, information technology practical experience of work, and other extra skills. Few potential recruiters offer a handsome salary or amount packages under various work profiles. Some of the work profiles provide to BCA candidates are:

BCA Course or Computer Presentation Specialist 

The candidate can take up the role of Computer Presentation Specialist after finishing the BCA course. The work role involved designing and making attractive presentations over new concepts and designs need by the business or trading.

Information Tract Manager

Information tract manager is one of the most favorite work roles by Bachelor of Computer Application graduates. The job needs researching and installing new tracks and networks.

Computer Programming

A computer program is responsible for designing and creating software programs with the new system as well as software programs.

Developer Software and Information Techniques

Developing software is responsible for growing new and innovative software designs.

Hardware and Networking Engineer Program

Hardware and networking engineers are responsible for managing the computer networks, hardware, software, and other related processes for the company.

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