Bulk SMS API PHP Service For India’s Booming Retail Industry

The retail sector of India is rapidly growing and it is considered as one of the largest sectors in the economy. Our country’s retail sector is undergoing with fast-paced revolution, stoke-up customer base, and modern technological advancements. A excellent growth in the last decade of the online retail sector, this year brands are expecting to reach $70 by 2020.

Technology in the retail industry extends across functions of the supply chain, communication, customer engagement and much.

On-the-go shopping freaks use a mobile phone to save money and find great deals. With the use of mobile messaging solutions like bulk SMS API PHP, retailers can enhance huge engagement, drive foot traffic to store locations and increase sales.

There are hundreds of POS and SAP software are available in India for retailers. The API functionality will enable you to send notifications, reminders, and alerts regarding your items right from this software. Some of the best software systems include Shopify, Touchbistro, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Netsuite etc. It means retailers no longer have to install any text SMS software, this saves their lot of money and effort. A quick PHP SMS Gateway integration in POST Or GET a help them to communicate with a large group of people at the same time.22222

Use of bulk text messaging services in the retail industry-


Communicating with new & existing customers through a direct mode increase great engagement. Advertising products and services offer available either in-store or online. Don’t forget to include powerful call-to-action like unique coupon codes, links of social media platforms, QR codes in your SMS content to encourage as many as people. SMS marketing through API integration build a strong customer database and optimized your future promotional campaigns.

Product Recalls:

Send a notification via SMS to customers when there are any issues with the particular product that needs recalling and share details where they can return it or exchange it or any other important information if needed. Protect your brand image by satisfying customers requirement with professional communication. There are billions of mobile phone users who check their phone 50 times a day.

Customer Support:

Offer your customers a convenient way to communicate with you. Customer support via SMS would be best & effective. Differentiate your brand and ask them to share simple questions that should be answered in seconds. Eliminate annoying call center hold music, deal with issues in real-time and increase the level of customer experience.


Save paper! Use SMS to provide receipts rather than those printed papers that seems to be lost. This will not only save the environment but also let you send relevant information about orders to engage with customers on a medium they’re comfortable with. Include a CTA to drive actions from recipients. SMS receipts are remarkably decreasing the number of receipts.

So, what do you think? Implementing a mobile marketing strategy isn’t a great way to stay connected with your prospects or clients. Moreover, the retail sector has occupied the first rank in the Global Retail Development Ranking this year, I think this is likely to boost growth further.

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