Dangerous Tourist Attractions in the US You Must Know

The United States of America is full of numerous tourist attractions loved by tourists from all around the world. Out of all, some places are adventurous but with that, they are deemed to be dangerous too. In this post, we will have a look at some of such places in the US. So, when you are clicking on the “book my flight” button while traveling to a city with such places, you can know more about them while visiting them. Let us see which these places are.

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Dangerous Tourist Places in the US

Death Valley – California

As the name suggests, Death Valley is one of the most hostile places that one could visit in the United States. The temperature of this place is so high that people can even die from dehydration and heatstroke. Besides this, Death Valley also has venomous creatures and other types of dangerous wildlife looking for their prey. It is advised to hire a seasoned guide to explore this place with less danger.

The Big Island – Hawaii

The Big Island in Hawaii is known for being the most volcanically active island in Hawaii. Despite being one of the most beautiful islands in Hawaii, it has seen a dip in tourist footfall by around 50%. And why not, who loves to mess with an active volcano? If you are planning to explore this place, make sure to research well on when to visit, where to visit, and more about the island. Do check the best travel sites for flights to get the best flight ticket deals.

Half Dome – California

Despite being one of the most dangerous hikes to go on, Half Dome in California experiences a footfall of millions of adventure seekers every year. As per the reports, over 60 hikers fall to death through this trail. The cables present at the Half Dome help hikers to climb the trail but, you need to be extra careful to stay safe. It might take 10-12 hours to finish the hike both ways.

Appalachian Trail – Tennessee

Appalachian Trail is a natural trek that is known to be a dangerous one. Not only it is full of wild and venomous animals but hikers can also get infected with dangerous viruses, pathogens, and parasites. One can get contracted Lyme Disease here as well. Though these dangers are not commonly experienced, it is not good to ignore their possibilities.

New Smyrna Beach – Florida

This beach is counted among the most dangerous tourist attractions in the US because of sharks. Though no casualties have been reported due to shark attacks but serious injuries have been noticed in people who have been attacked by sharks. Still, this beach is one of the most famous among tourists. Make sure to stay safe if you are planning to visit this beautiful yet dangerous beach in Florida.

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