Developer APIs a Latest Technology to Run SMS marketing Campaigns

An application programming interface (API) is a set of protocols and tools for building a different software application, Basically, this technology is especially advanced for developers which specify how software components should interact. Increased new technologies- social, cloud computing and mobile has changed the way enterprises how they interact with their clients or employees or customers or partners.

For several media or big sized businesses, the key change agents are the growth and vogue of business networks globally is now easily possible with API technology. Marketers and businessmen need a comprehensive solution to win over the other competitors in this digital marketing era.

The e-book ‘the definitive guide to API management’’ will describe you all the amazing features of API gateway for various business niches from designing and publishing APIs for developers to its security, traffic, and analytics. The book covers all important models and how to monetize APIs.

Moreover, when it comes to communication with the common people from existing business management software/website/mobile app API plays a vital role. This simple and user-friendly technology has made communication possible for businesses in an easy manner. API is nothing but a connectivity that enables the functionality of one system into another. You might have seen that a payment gateway window is opened while making online transactions what is it? It is the application or platform of any third-party which allow people to make payments and acts as a mediator between customer and company. These payment gateways are integrated with the help of robust and secured APIs of any provider.

With the traditional mediums of technology, you can’t implement any third-party application into your existing software. Through the APIs advent, it is now secured to use anything. Similarly, when it comes to SMS Marketing campaigning for conveying any important alerts or products promotions APIs are useful.

According to the big researches, it has been found that marketers are more preferred to use bulk SMS services rather than installing a gateway setup for their company or brand. Setting-up an SMS gateway requires the lot of investment, back-end processes and a team of members to shoot messages on time. But with APIs of different programmable languages like SMS API C#, Java, Php, you can avail SMS messaging solutions and other related services like Long Code into the website or CRM software or accounting software.

The benefits of SMS Gateway APIs are-

  • The main advantage of integrating SMS API is to send bulk text SMS at a time or on a specific date to all mobile networks across the nation.
  • Messages are delivered through the secured API. SMS gateway provided quickly sending and deliverability of text messages to your potential consumers.
  • Check the delivery status of single SMS or group SMS at a single place without login your web interface.
  • Handling SMS APIs of any language is intuitive. Key features of gateway into your own system is very reliable and can be handled easily by experienced developers.
  • API technology is the smartest thing providers ever done for their needy clients and business owners. As it comes with the full freedom to send & receive texts to a targeted group via any compatible application, spontaneously.

What you can do with an SMS API Integration?

  1. Send automated confirmation messages to registered users at the time of flights/train/movie/bus tickets.
  1. Send unique activation codes to the clients through SMS after a log -in trigger.
  1. Schedule several meeting reminders, doctors appointments to never miss a lead.
  1. Share information of products arrivals, coupon codes, vouchers, gift cards anytime, anywhere through powerful API.

So, this is how great you can enjoy this new innovative technology to make communication faster than ever. However, it is well said that technology makes the world a new place. ‘’Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master’’- Christian Lous Lange.

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