Difference between Endovascular and Vascular Surgery

The vascular system of the body is composed of a number of blood vessels which perform the task of carrying blood all throughout the body. The blood which is rich in oxygen is carried away from our heart by the arteries whereas the veins perform the task of carrying the oxygen-poor blood back to the heart. This is a complicated and vital process which could be disturbed anytime by various elements, thereby causing dysfunction and various other complications within the body.

According to the best cardiologist in India, vascular or endovascular surgeries are performed in such a scenario.

Vascular Surgery: Vascular surgery involves the diagnosis as well as comprehensive, longitudinal management of all kinds of the disorders of the venous, arterial as well as lymphatic systems which are exclusive of the intracranial and coronary arteries.

The diplomats in this particular kind of surgery are expected to have a good experience with all the aspects of treating the patients who are suffering from all kinds of vascular disease including the diagnosis, medical treatment as well as reconstructive vascular surgery as well as endovascular techniques. The best cardiologist in India also says that the diplomats in this kind of surgery should have advanced knowledge and skill so as to provide comprehensive care to all the patients who are suffering from vascular disease.

Endovascular Surgery: Endovascular surgery is generally described as the treatment of vascular disease from within the blood vessel. The basic premise of this kind of surgery is not new and the same dates back to the time where the first angioplasty treatment of the blood vessels took place during the 1970s. Since then, the technology has been advancing itself at a rapid rate and hence giving us a number of endovascular options to be performed on to the patients.

Some of the most common endovascular options include renal artery angioplasty, iliac artery angioplasty, lytic or mechanical clot removal therapy as well as aortic stent grafts. The key factor that has made endovascular surgery very common and preferred in comparison with the conventional surgery is the recovery time as well as the risk of the patient.

According to the best cardiologist in India, risk factors in the endovascular surgery are usually lesser than various other traditional forms of surgeries. However, it is also a matter of fact that the risks and benefits involving endovascular surgery as well as open surgical techniques are considered on an individual basis.

Both the vascular surgery as well as endovascular surgery are considered to be modalities to treat the vascular disease. Most commonly, the patients require vascular or endovascular surgery when the blockages in their arteries begin to manifest as end-organ damage. The common examples include varying degrees of leg pain, poorly controlled hypertension, stroke, etc.

Vascular surgery usually comprises of the procedures or techniques that correct the blood vessels outside the heart and brain. This one is an open-surgical treatment involving various techniques. Endovascular surgery on the very other hand is an innovative and less-invasive approach. Before opting for any kind of surgery, it is always recommended to carry out a discussion with your physician.

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