Ensure the Safety of Your Workplace with Better Understanding of WARNING TAPES

Warning tapes are non-adhesive, coloured plastic films manufactured of low-density polyethylene. Due to fluorescent coloured polyethene tapes printed with a warning message, they provide an effective Pipeline disruption avoidance solution for detecting subterranean pipes and wires. They offer a strong visible indicator of the existence of underground utility lines, which can include life-threatening High Voltage wires.

Underground warning tape is typically put a set distance just above the service line to be plainly identified, ensuring future excavators are aware of the cable or pipeline further below. Keep in mind that the Warning tapes will only provide a visual warning to excavators. They are not designed to provide any protection or resistance to further excavation.

A detectable underground warning tape contains an embedded stainless steel tracer wire that allows detection from the surface utilizing cable avoidance equipment prior to excavation.

A non-detectable warning tape has no tracer wire since it is put over lines that can already be spotted from the surface using cable avoidance equipment prior to excavation.

Major Features of Detectable and Non-Detectable Warning Tape

•            Tapes are only made of high-quality low-density polyethene polymers.

•            For underground applications, Tapes are resistant to most soil types, including alkaline and acidic soils.

•            Lead-free pigments are used in the production of such tape.

•            Warning tapes come in a variety of thicknesses.

•            Warning tapes may be tailored to meet your specific requirements in every way. Furthermore, if you want any features on your warning tapes that will aid in the marketing of your business, you may have them.

•            Caution tape manufacturers produce Underground warning tapes in a variety of colours in accordance with worldwide standards.

ColourIntended Warning and Warning Text
WhitePre-marking of the intended excavation’s outer bounds or designating the centerline and breadth of anticipated lineal installations of buried infrastructure. Warning text: Caution/Danger Keep out
PinkTemporary Survey Markings. Warning text: Caution
YellowFor pipelines carrying Gas, oil, steam, petroleum, or gaseous materials Warning text: Caution Gas/oil pipeline below
BlueFor lines carrying Potable water Warning text: Caution— Buried Portable water line below
RedFor Electric power lines, cables or conduit, and lighting cables Warning text: Danger – Buried Fire Main/ electric cable Below
PurpleFor lines carrying Slurry, irrigation and reclaimed water. Warning text: Recycled/Reclaimed Water Main Below
OrangeFor lines carrying communication, alarm or signal lines, cables or conduits, and fiber Waning text: Danger – Buried Telephone line below
GreenFor Sewers, drainage facilities or other drain lines. Warning text: Danger – Buried Sewer Main below

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