Everything You Need To Know About Different Types Of Granite countertops

Are you planning to renovate your house? So the first thing you need to do is to go ahead with the selection of granite countertops. Just imagine the importance of those gorgeous dine you can host with your newly installed granite countertops! Ahead of anything you need to be precise about the type of granite you intend to go ahead with.

The market is loaded with ample granite countertops types. Since it shall be reflecting the central piece of your house décor, it is essential for you to go ahead wisely. We are here at your service to indicate the prime types of granite countertops available for your selection.


What are the pros of selecting granite worktops?

With granite worktops, you do not feel the need to use a cutting or a chopping board.

You can spill as much amount of wine as you want and desire.

You have no restrictions to place the hot pan over your kitchen worktops.

Granite reflects the hardest of all the natural stones available in the countertop market.

There are ample colours and designer forms available in the selection of granite countertops.

You can call it a perk for you to make a selection of granite stone colour which goes complementary to your home décor. Granite is available in a broad range of colours and hence imparts you the liberty to make a selection of the colour that reflects the tone of your home décor.

Here, we shall be focusing on the two most preferred colour ranges of granite countertops:

Analysing, the market scenario for different variants of granite countertops, the white and black falls into the category of most preferred ones.

White granite countertops:

When you are confused with your selection of granite countertop colours, go ahead with white variants which shall reflect any of your home décor styles efficiently. If you think that white granite will be too pure, then let us remind you that within white granite also, you have complete liberty to go ahead with a variety of shades and colouration. The most popular selections of white granite worktops are the ones with ivory, blue specks to dark grey or burgundy veins. The white granite is an amalgam of milky white quartz that blends well with opaque white feldspar minerals. The combination of all these three elements is sufficient enough too justify the allure and worth of white granite.

Black granite countertops:

While we move ahead with our discussion about the different granite countertops colours, black granite holds on the breath of most buyers. Black granite or the gabbro rock is a representative of the igneous stone family and is more or less similar to basalt. It is filled with plagioclase and pyroxene materials which further enhances its beauty. Choose the one with silver and gold sparkles which imparts an engaging look to your countertop.

Finally, your granite countertop prices shall be reflective of your selection of type, size and dimensions. Choose those elegant and classy granite worktops which lasts on for a longer time. Granite, no doubt, is a durable naturally occurring stone and a perfect fit for countertop production! Believe us, your investment in granite worktops in UK is a worthy one.

Now you do have a rough idea about the different types of gnraite countertops which mark their presence in the market. We hope that we have guided you one step closer to your dream kitchen creation.

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