Now you can explore the Extended Warranty for TV and your lovely phone “One-plus 10 pro”. While television technology has advanced significantly in the previous decade, one thing has stayed constant. We continue to consume material through our televisions, however, the method we do so has changed substantially. In comparison to prior models, today’s televisions are smarter, more dependable, and have higher resolution. Given that acquiring a new television set is a long-term commitment, television manufacturers provide standard warranties to ensure its longevity and dependability. If you’re having problems with your new TV and want to know more about the warranty, go to the TV brand’s website and enter the serial (IMEI) number of the TV in the warranty monitor, then click submit. 

An Extended Warranty for TV offers various benefits, including servicing, free replacement (in the event of manufacturing flaws), and low-cost or no-cost repairs. Even all electronics companies provide users with an extended warranty (One-plus 10 Pro Extended Warranty), which assures that your device is secured from any unexpected damage even after the one-year manufacturer’s warranty has expired. 

Coverage Offered by TV Extended Warranty:

Most basic warranties cover components and services and demand proof of the problem. If you buy an Extended Warranty for TV, such as a 5-year TV warranty, you may expect the following coverage. 

Extended warranties typically cover all mechanical and electrical problems covered by the normal manufacturer’s warranty, but exclude the following expenditures and repairs.

  • Shipping damage to the television set.
  • Manufacturing flaws cause problems or issues.
  • Misuse, natural catastrophes, and accidents are not covered by extended warranties.

Extended Warranty for TV does not cover items that have been tampered with, changed, or damaged due to incorrect care and maintenance, as well as liquid spills.

Unless otherwise stated in the contract, accessories are not covered.

Highlights and Advantages of TV Extended Warranty:

You may safeguard your TV from manufacturing problems even after the manufacturer’s guarantee has expired by purchasing an extended warranty. The following are some of the characteristics and advantages of an extended warranty: 

Further Assurance:

After the manufacturer’s warranty has expired, you may get an extended warranty for another 2-3 years.

Repairing without money:

You do not have to pay any money up ahead to get your television fixed.

There’s no depreciation cost:

If the item can be fixed for less than the cost of replacement, the depreciation charge will not be subtracted. 

Pick-up and drop-off are both free:

Some brands additionally provide a free pick-up & drop service, in which the appliance is collected from your home and then delivered to your doorstep.

Extended Warranty That Will Protect Your TV:

You may extend the warranty period on your television to safeguard it against manufacturer faults. If you choose this extended warranty, you may have peace of mind regarding your appliance’s functioning after the manufacturer’s guarantee has expired. The extended warranty has the following advantages:

Warranty extended for up to 3 years: Extended warranty of up to 3 years over and above the usual manufacturer warranty on your TV equipment. 

Substitute: If the damage to your television is beyond repair, the CPP would replace it with a television with similar specs and price range. 


Within six months after purchasing your TV(or any electronic product such as OnePlus 10 Pro ), you can add an extended warranty. Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to take advantage of cashless services at authorized service centers around the country, as well as doorstep services. 

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