Factors to Consider in Locating your Water Tank at Home

Water Tank

Water tanks are great for preserving water and if you want to save water, then investing in a water tank is a great option. They are great in gathering water but one thing that is important to maximize efficiency is the location of the tank. If you want to utilize your water tanks to their maximum extent, then there are some things that you have to keep in mind while locating your water tank. 

So in this article, you will get to know about the factors to consider in locating your water tank at home. Now without wasting any time, let’s hop into the main deal.

1- Appearance of Property

If you are planning to invest in a water tank, then you must take care of this point. Though any water tank would do the same job and will save water for you but make sure to choose wisely because it can decrease your home’s curb appeal and make your home less attractive and elegant. If the appearance of your home is not your priority, then you can go with any water tank but if you don’t want to compromise on the look of your home, then you must choose the water tank that mixes and matches your home’s look.

 If you are someone who wants to make the water tank less noticeable, then you can also use plants to conceal it. If it’s not possible, then choose a colour that coordinates with your house. These things will cover the presence of the water tank and the value and look of your property will not be hampered. 

2- Tank Measurements

Tank measurements are one of the most important factors to consider in locating your water tank at home. Water tanks come in different shapes and you must choose the shape according to your needs. There are different water tanks like slimline tanks, underdeck tanks, and round tanks. In slimline the measurement should be done like another layer of the wall because slimline tanks are slim in profile. Underdeck tanks need to set under the deck and round shapes best measurements depend on the amount of water that you want to store. 

3- Property Space and Size

Property shape and size is also an important factor that you should keep in your mind. Water tanks come in different sizes and it is really important for you to choose a water tank that can fit in your house. You have to find a place where you can place the water tank first, otherwise, you will have problems in selecting one. If you don’t know about the space that you have, then you will get confused and might end up buying the wrong sized water tank.

 If you are planning to buy the big size water tank then you must put it in a place where space is enough because once you put it, then it will be difficult to shift. If you have space on the roof, then you can put it there but if you don’t have much space, then an underground water tank is also an option that you go for. 

4- Pipes and Plumbing Framework

It is always better to plan the location of the water tank according to the pipes and plumbing framework. Though it is not necessary to locate the tank next to the downpipe, try to locate it near the downpipes. It may decrease the location options but it will help you store your water in a better way. So the next thing is plumbing, so you should always try to locate the tank where you want it to use. 

For example- if you want to use the water tank for bathroom purposes, then locate it near the bathroom and if you want it gardening purposes, then locate it near the garden. 


There are also other things that you have to take care of but these were the most common. Choosing the perfect locations matters, it will not only increase the water-saving rate but it will also reduce your efforts and energy. All the tips that are mentioned above very useful. You can use them in selecting the perfect location for your water tanks. Hope this article will help you in locating your water tank. 

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