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Marriage is an alliance of two people in a society. Marriage is something that should never be taken lightly because it is said that matches are made in heaven and marrying someone in a hurry, without confirming if that person is the one is a sin as much for the person who is getting married as their parents. Relating to the person on an intellectual level you are getting married is extremely important for the smooth function of the married life. When two people get married, they also form a bond with each of their relatives and that bond has to be sustained for the whole span of their lives. Therefore it is advised to choose a life partner that is not only compatible but also has a family that can be suited with your needs and demands.

Marriage is a legal ceremony that is undertaken by people of age 18 and above and while there is no best time to get married according to any reliable sources, it is often suggested that a person should get married between ages 20 and 30 so that they havelots of time to start a family and settle down. Most people marry for a lot of reasons that range from money to looks to happiness but whatever the reason maybe, it is important to choose a life partner that is compatible. Marriage is a short word but the meaning it holds is a heavy one. People get married all the time but it is important to make a marriage last. Some of the most successful marriages happen in the state of Punjab and that are because that the base nature of most people contains traits such as fun loving, easygoing and generous. When a person has the following three qualities it is easy to talk to them and know them. Therefore Sikh bride is welcomed by one and all for a union as sacred as marriage.Punjabi girls are funny, radiant and energetic and make the best wives and are well liked by anyone who marries them.

India is a huge country that has 29 states and 7 union territories and nearly all of them have a different way of celebrating a marriage ceremony and tying the two people together in matrimony. In Punjab most of the marriages are taken place in the holy place of worship known as the gurudwara, where the couples are bound for life in front of the holy book of the Sikhs. The ceremony is completed by the bride and groom wearing beautiful, heavy dressesin the presence of a number of relatives and friends. In a matrimonial Punjabi matrimony brides are the most popular among grooms because of their exceptional good looks, a charm that radiates from the camera and a mind-blowing knowledge in numerous fields from housekeeping to sports. Punjabi girls not only make good housewives but are also most accomplished in other areas that provide a lot of help to the husband when required for.

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