Fleet Management Software and How it Helps Reduce Costs

Private fleet operators, whether they are delivering clients or products, are expected to provide impeccable services at all times. While technology has improved drastically, common issues like lack of trained individuals and downtimes caused by vehicle repair are not avoidable. With proper planning, it is possible to overcome these hurdles and stay ahead of your nearest competition.

Some Common Issues

Operating a fleet of vehicles without fleet management software is very complicated and could be an expensive affair. One of the most common issues is higher fuel consumption, which could be because of inhospitable terrain, ill-maintained engines or inefficiencies of drivers.  When the company deals with a large number of vehicles, they have to ensure the correct pickup and drop times. They also have to keep track of downtime of vehicles to ensure their drivers are working efficiently without wasting time.

Fleet Management Software –How it Changes Your Business?

Fleet management software connects all vehicles, be it trucks, cars and even two-wheelers.  Reports of total miles travelled and deliveries completed for a day, week or month are collated. Alerts about scheduled maintenances and saving costs are some of the other changes to expect.

Improves Operational Efficiencies

When a company implements fleet solutions, it can expect several positive changes in day-to-day operations. Some of these include:

Schedule operations as per the maintenance of each vehicle.

Help drivers keep track of time by sharing information on terrains, stops, and exaction maps to locations.

Analyse the data collected from the fleet to manage better.

Saving on Costs

Profits are a necessity for any business and software for fleet management is designed to offer great ROI. Let’s look at it with the help of an example – Imagine a scenario where you manage at least 50 vehicles and spend close to $100,000 in salary, maintenance and fuel. The manual reports generated by your employees are always approximate as they don’t take vehicle downtime, any wrong routes or other factors that add up to the costs.

If you can save even about $1,000 a day which is a combined sum of the amount saved in all your vehicles, the total savings per year goes all the way up to $48,000. The calculations are estimates and would vary on scope and scale of a business’s operations. Saving on operational costs justifies investing in fleet solutions.

Offer Better Services and Expand Business

Customer satisfaction is most important to business growth and success. A real-time picture of the number of vehicles on the road, in maintenance, or sitting idle allows supervisors to plan the routes perfectly. Customers can be informed about exact times as drivers can be guided on the shortest routes to take to reach a destination. It also enables to engage with a higher number of customers without compromising on the quality of services and by extension, a higher percentage of satisfied customers.

In conclusion, fleet management software is a necessity to help reduce the stress on operators, drivers and the fleet. With the help of the software, a more open and frank communication will help people at the ground and corporate level reach sound decisions.

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