How can you tell if you’re depressed or sad?

depressed or sad

It is normal to feel low sometimes and not restricted to a particular country, region or gender. Of course, every person has periods in his/her life when he/she has some difficulties, which make him/her depressed or sad. In general, sad feelings arise after a change of relationship status, or the loss of a loved one and other important life events as well as stress. But how can one tell the normal feeling of sadness and clinical depression? But how do you know when your feelings have crossed that line? We will look at the symptoms that are characteristic of bullying.

1. Sadness vs. Depression:

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Sadness: Characterized by events in one’s life that elicit a particular stressor such as a breakup, job loss or a personal loss. This is a normal psychological response and often gets better with time.

Depression: It is not just sad but deeper than that. It refers to a mental health state governed by a group of symptoms that negatively influence a person’s functioning. These are accompanied by other symptoms such as fever or fatigue that do not last less than two weeks and may not be easily aggravated.

2. Common Signs of Depression:

Here are some key signs to look out for: Here are some key signs to look out for:

Feelings of Emptiness or Hopelessness:

Most depressed people tend to feel helpless, they keep feeling that their lives are worthless. Living is purposeless and the future looks rather gloomy.

 Feelings of Unworthiness or Guilt:

Clinically, depression causes a person to undergo severe worthlessness or self-condemnation. It ascertains, one may severely self-agonize or may think that he/she is a nuisance to others.

Loss of Interest in Previously Enjoyed Activities:

It means that if an activity you formerly used to have interest in any longer, could imply a situation of depression. Interests and leisure activities, interactions with other people, and loves can interest less.

Fatigue and Decreased Energy:

Depending on the severity of the depressive episode, fatigue is common since the illness removes one’s energy. You may notice that you get easily fatigued even if the previous night you had a full, restful night of sleep.

Difficulty Concentrating:

Concentration and focus are the features that become very difficult to maintain. These symptoms may include such things as simple activities being difficult, making work, school, or chores difficult to accomplish.

Changes in Sleep Patterns:

Sleep disturbance is manifest by either insomnia or its opposite, oversleeping. Depression affects your mode of sleeping by either making you too tired or too anxious to sleep.

Changes in Appetite:

One possibility to expect is that depression changes your patterns of the diet. Some have no appetite and those who begin to eat comfort foods more often.

Thoughts of Death or Suicide:

Perhaps the most critical sign: is severe cases of idea preoccupation with death, self-harm/suicide. If you experience these, then you should seek the help of a health professional as soon as possible.

3. Seeking Help:

Remember, depression is treatable. This calls for help from a doctor or even a therapist to assist in proper evaluation and advising. There is not one way to recover from depression but there are preventive factors some of which include; Lifestyle changes, self-help tools and understanding of depression better.

If you are in doubt, you can go to the nearest facility and take depression tests online to get an accurate diagnosis.


Identifying depression is not always easy, yet learning about it helps you to prevent or act on it. Call, ask for help, and do recognize that you don’t have to go through this alone. Goodness remains alive even at the lowest moments when one might think there is no point in holding on.

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