How is Smart TV Different from Android TV?

Nowadays, ancient televisions can no longer be seen. But televisions are an essential part of one’s life. Both Android and Smart TVs have attracted a considerable number of people worldwide. However, both of these televisions do not come cheap; therefore, the most affordable option for you is to buy an LG tv on EMI. It has all the latest features and provides a great experience. However, figuring out the differences between some of the top TV models is a difficult task.

Critical differences between Smart TV and Android TV

Buying a television is not as easy as it used to be. Today, you have to research and understand all the features before purchasing any TV. Here are some significant differences between a Smart TV and Android TV-

  • Apps- The primary difference between Android TV and Smart TV is the number of popular applications. They differ hugely in number, and in this case, Android TV has an edge. Due to the support of the Android Play Store, which has thousands of apps, Android TV has an absolute advantage over Smart TV in the Application Program category. The application library enables the users of Android TV to install and use a variety of apps, similar to smartphones. On the other hand, the number of applications that a user can use for smart TVs with different OS, such as Tizen OS or WebOS, is limited. Some commonly used entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, etc., are the only options available.
  • Auto Updates- Android TV has very active development, meaning that the developers regularly push updates to various applications. Therefore, Android TV is undoubtedly superior to a Smart TV in terms of updating applications. Android TV also offers an automatic update feature, whereas it is not easy for Smart TVs to get new auto-updates. You can get the latest Smart or Android LG tv on EMI and enjoy all its features.
  • Voice Assistant- Android TV also has a built-in Google Assistant. It makes the experience so outstanding as the users of Android TV can change channels and programs via voice control without any input device. It is a handy and easily accessible feature. However, Smart TV users have to enter whatever they want to see on the TV via a full-size keyboard since it does not have a voice assistant.
  • Screen Casting- A smart TV requires another projection equipment to screen mirror your application on the TV, which requires you to spend more money. In contrast, screen mirroring any application from an Android phone to an Android TV is easily possible because of the Google Assistant and built-in Chromecast.

These are some significant differences between a Smart TV and Android TV.


A smart TV’s primary feature is accessing additional programming via the internet. That is why it is also known as an Internet TV. An Android TV has almost all the features and functions of a smart TV and more with the help of Android OS. Modern televisions offer many features and complex functions that make spending every penny worth it. Therefore, get your modern LG tv on EMI today itself!

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