How much useful is 3D Printing house in India

So, here you are, either you are amazed by the idea of 3d printing house or just not sure what the fuss is all about. In both the cases, you might be familiar with 3D printing. It’s everywhere! You can print anything from plates to metal parts, from artificial roses to real guns, and from medical tools to human livers and bones. 3D printing goes toe to toe with the scope of your imagination.

Well, how about we consider something challenging? How about an entire house? While some of you will scratch your heads and think how naïve this idea is, scientists have done it. In fact, in 24 hours! Believe us or not there is a thin line of possibility between magic and science. The process called contour crafting gives humans this mega power to construct an entire house or even big colonies through 3D designs. And the best part is, these concrete walls are equipped with electrical wiring, plumbing, and air conditioning.

The concept was sparked by Professor Behrokh Khoshnevis, Director of Manufacturing Engineering Graduate Program at the University of Southern California. Although the project started out at the college level, its application was tested by multiple companies, NASA was one of those companies testing it feasibility for space colonies. This college project today is a fine reality for China, Korea, US, and Germany fostering live housing examples through the same.

With such promising performance comes great expectations as well. The technology forecast affordable housing in an effective way. A country like India with bulking population can really use this technology for good. Again, the efficiency of using lesser raw materials will also play a crucial role in cutting cost. The waste material if any could be easily reused to construct other parts of a unit.

The scarcity of permanent housing in India is prevalent today. About 40 million units came short at the end of the last 10-year plan. Currently, there are 3 parent factors which make the validity of housing in India a tough call. The cost of the land, construction cost, and lack of financing. To be straight construction sums up for 60 percent of the total housing cost. With 3D printing in India, the government can seriously achieve their housing goals.

The quality of construction is very strong, something Indian builders are lacking in. The degrading safety standards for the poor sections is an issue. Old age construction and the poor material are the alleged culprits here. The poor and lower middle class can ease out on safety and affordable housing with the assistance of 3D printing companies in India.

India is yet to develop the technology required to build an actual home from 3D solutions. But soon the government is expected to rise and tap into the immense scope of 3d printing. It’s not an option but a necessary step as the current requirement of funds are calculated on 130 to 150 billion dollars to meet India’s total housing requirements. Hence, 3D printing would be an ideal construction choice.

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