How NATA Study Material is Important for Qualifying NATA Exam?

Even in such advanced times, the mere study materials and previous year’s question papers can go a long way when one is aspiring for NATA 2018.

Every year thousands of students aspiring to become architects prepare for the National Aptitude Test in Architecture. Clearing the national level test ensures students the chance to pursue an undergraduate architectural degree in prestigious colleges in India. It is conducted each year by the National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA). It functions under the Council of Architecture, New Delhi, India. The test marks the candidates in areas such as drawing, aesthetic sense, quantitative aptitude, observational skills, logical and critical thinking. It is compulsory to take the test to be able to apply to architecture colleges in India.

The test has two parts, a two-hour drawing test, and an online aesthetic sensitivity test. Needless to say that the competition for the top rank is exceptional and passing this test is not easy. Along with hard work and continuous effort, external coaching is instrumental in doing well and increasing one’s skills. It is seen that on an average, students who go for coaching score better than those who do not. The coaching centers provide proper techniques and guidance to crack the toughest exams with ease. However, it does not mean that students who do not attend coaching cannot crack the test. Students who rely on self-study must know the syllabus, question paper pattern and quick tricks.

Knowing the syllabus is the first step in making a proper plan for preparing for the test. The syllabus can easily be found on the official NATA website along with the examination dates. While preparing for the exam and cracking it may be tough, collecting NATA study material has never been more convenient. NATA study material can be collected from the coaching centre, from bookstores and even online for free. The same goes for NATA sample papers. Coaching classes provide NATA sample papers at affordable rates. They also conduct separate classes to solve them. Practising sample papers is the best way to test your preparation, your strong and weak zones. You get a fair idea of the types of questions asked, important topics and marking scheme. These sample papers are easily available online, and students can prepare equally well at home.

While studying and strategizing is a part of the process, giving NATA mock tests is of utmost importance. All the hard work will be futile if you do not time yourself and prepare yourself to sit for the exam. NATA mock test papers must be solved at least 2 months before the actual test. The test must be given maintaining the time limit, exam environment and rules and regulations. Students will learn to deal with exam pressure and time themselves accordingly. It is a way that will allow them not to feel out of their element on an actual day and finish the paper on time.

Candidates can easily download question banks to practice various topics apart from their study material. It is advisable to research properly about the coaching centre before you take admission. There are coaching centres that provide the option of only using their study material, test series and mock papers. Scoring well in NATA will ensure your admission to a good architectural college and a bright future.