How to Add Colour to Your Interior with Style

Interior with Style

Interior decorations are of vital importance for modern homeowners. No longer you settle on home interiors that offer functionality only with no aesthetic pleasures to talk about. And yes, talking about your home aesthetics and interior styling is one of the most common conversation starters these days.

That signature interior is indeed wished by a lot of people. Also, to add that bit of colour pop in shape of accessories and attachments in interiors goes a long way. This is how you can define your interior styling for years to come. Adding colour to interiors is tricky business as too. It takes a lot of thought and effort.

Whether you choose roller windows blinds for colour accents or any table and shelf accessories, right combinations will matter most. For signature interiors that focus on one colour pallet, these colourful accessories can make a world of difference. 

Start with Colourful Wall Accessories

Walls in signature home interiors are pretty one-dimensional. Whether you have any shade or under-colour of white on you walls or you went with a single dark tone for the walls, colour pop accessories will do great. You can start with your wood window blinds for those colour wall add-ons.

Since windows are quite large and substantial in sizes, windows blinds can be the perfect start for your wall colourisation. Add art or picture frames matching the colour finish of your windows blinds. Hang any other accessories like clocks, glasswork or others in matching colour accents.

These wall accessories and attachments complement and accent your otherwise single colour interiors perfectly. However, you need to carefully choose this accenting colour as well. Dark on light or light on dark usually works well. Similar tones don’t pop enough for design accents often.

Use Furniture as Colour Accent Pieces

Tables, sofas, chairs, bed frames and many other furniture items can be perfectly used as colour accent pieces. If you went with any of these wall accessories, adding matching furniture would work best. For best results, adding your wall accessories matching with furniture colours is the better option.

Exposed wood part of furniture items can be had in any type of wooden colour finishes. Wooden bed frames, sofa pieces and chair or table arrangements can add colour accents for any room interior. Getting dark brown furniture pieces for all white interior rooms makes everything look great.

Of course, your wooden window blinds can be part of this colour accent program as well. Try a two-colour bedroom with white walls and floors having dark brown accents. It will not only look beautiful but will expand on the elegance of your room as well.

Do Colour with Lighting

Do you think lighting only illuminates in a couple of colours like white and yellow? You are far from being right. Your lighting can be so colourful in interiors that they can be used for colour addition perfectly. You can choose neon lights or any other types to go bright and colourful at the same time.

Especially, when you have lighter colours for your walls and interiors, lighting can be used perfectly for colourization. What’s best is you can turn this colour on or off as required at any time of the day. Ceiling lights, behind mirror frame lights or pipe lights for floor and walls work best.

These kinds of lighting accessories are perfect for all types of interiors. For your bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms and even bathrooms, these ideas work great. Choose the colour for your lighting carefully and make everything pop out well. Glow these colourful lights on walls and floors for best results.

Tables and Shelves Accessories for Colour

Table tops and shelf tops are perfect places to add colourful accessories in interior spaces. For your bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces, place cool accenting tabletop accessories or shelf top accessories for best results. These can be in shape of many different commonly found objects.

You can start with table vases, shelf vases, artistic pieces for tables and shelves and many others. Even an alarm clock for your side table can be a perfect colourful accessory when done right. Nicely styled accessories for your tabletops and shelf tops are perfect ways to add colour to your interiors.

There are so many options available in the modern day for these accessories as well. Visit your local thrift store for cheap table or shelf accessories. You can buy so many different ones while staying with your selected colour pallet as well.

Fabrics of Colour for Bedrooms

Bedrooms provide much greater colour addition opportunities than other rooms in the house. This is so because you can add colour with fabrics in bedrooms. All your bed coverings and accessories can be so much fun. From pillows to cushions and everything in between can be the perfect colour accessory.

Your bedsheets can perfectly complement the wall colours or your bedframe when done right. Type, texture and colour of cushions you have on the bed or the couch can be perfect colour accents. Try yellow or orange cushions on a dark grey bed sheet or a sofa and see how it pops out.

You can even add some colour contrast on your bed coverings themselves. Duvets and pillows can be in contrasting colours than that of your bedsheets. As long as it all looks great and not too much in terms of colours, your bedroom should be good to go.

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