How to Choose the Best Running Earphones?

Best Running Earphones

No matter what time of day you lace up your tennis shoes and hit the pavement, motivation is key in keeping an aggressive pace to reach your running goals. What better companion to help you do so than the running earphones which endure any length of a run, keep you comfortable and keep your staggered breathing in rhythm with your favorite tunes?

In order to find the best running earphones for you, there are a few main features to search for. You need to be sure that they will withstand sweat, stay in place, and be durable enough to endure the miles you will put on. Various styles have their own benefits and it is important to explore your options.

Over-Ear Earphones

Over-Ear earphones are well-known for the security they offer to runners. Behind-the-ear clips, headband and neckband options act as anchors, which make it difficult for over-ear earphones to fall out of place. Depending on your price range, there are a variety of brands on the market, which are sure to fit your needs.

In-Ear Earphones

Earbud earphones offer a great sound while taking up little space, making them perhaps the most convenient style on the market. While wearing this style, one can easily wear sunglasses and a hat without compromising their music. This style also provides crystal clear sound without the annoyance of the bulk of the other styles require.

Sweat Proof and Waterproof Earphones

The sweatproof and waterproof technologies available are more necessary than one may think. Sweat will often clog earphones, which would cause major damage to regular earphones that are lacking the technology. This clog in regular earphones will drastically shorten the durability and performance. Waterproof is also a key technology that one must consider in any climate where rain is possible. On the market are many varieties of resistant earphones that don’t compromise sound and are key for any serious runner.

It’s important to have priorities during your search for the best running earphones that fit your needs. Cost, durability, comfort, sound quality, and style are all important to take into account as you search for the pair that’s right for you.

How your Running experience can be better when using the best earphones

Running is a sport that requires the right clothing, shoes, technique and the best running earphones for music. Many athletes complain about their earphones loosening or coming out during their routines. If you have not considered buying a new set, it’s time to think about other earphones that are right for your running experiences.

Problems with Bad Designs

Your earphones can become a distraction if you do not get the right ones. One issue many runners complain about is the design of the earphones. The best running earphones stay in your ear which limits the amount of distraction you’ll have on the road. Earphones with flimsy or loose designs can make it hard to stay on task if you have to keep replacing them in your ear.

Here are a few signs your headset needs replacement:

  • You cannot run without stopping to place the bud back in your ear.
  • Earphone product quality is flimsy; wires disconnect and you have to stop running to plug them back into your mp3 player.
  • You have to buy a new pair every two weeks.

Not only is your workout suffering from the cheapness of your earphones, but you’re also losing out on an opportunity for music therapy. Did you know that music boosts performance in extreme athletes and runners? It’s not a good idea to stop the music; you’re losing out on an auditory solution for your runs.

Create a Better Workout

The sounds of music in your ears can change the way you view your runs. According to recent studies of music therapy, the first step of creating an auditory environment means picking out the right tones. Athletic specialists from around the world are utilizing the basics of music therapy by introducing steps to encourage athletes to improve their focus. Find the best running earphones that offer comfort, reliability, and flexibility in your routines.

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