How to Connect Your Customers From Anywhere Using Bulk SMS

bulk sms

Are you looking to reach your customers globally? Bulk SMS service is your new solution- stay connected with customers via SMS service- text or WhatsApp.


The present-day has advanced considerably, contributing to the culmination of the bulk SMS services, besides the single text messages or interactive messaging. Businesses and organizations are making the most use of the bulk SMS services to promote their businesses online or offline by sending text messages, online messages, voice SMS through applications using SMS reseller services.

Such services ensure the safe delivery of your messages to mobile numbers anywhere across the globe. The use of WhatsApp bulk SMS is continually evolving as businesses are acknowledging the benefits it renders.

From large-scale businesses to small entrepreneurship or educational institutions, bulk SMS services provide ease in message delivery and offer a cost-effective solution to marketing and advertising or manage connections with small or large groups.

Bulk SMS saves time, optimizes resources, and is an attractive tool for customer interactions. Bulk text messages have been around for a while, but online bulk SMSs are evolving alongside them as well.
WhatsApp has been the most favored social media application for mobile users and features sending bulk messages. Online bulk SMSs allow businesses to reach out to customers or find a new one, interact with them and distribute vital information regarding sales or promotion, thereby building a wide base of loyal customers.

Online or offline bulk SMS services are useful but face restrictions as well. Before sending bulk SMS messages in India using bulk SMS Mumbai, it is important to note that your services must comply with the country’s specific regulations and policies. Before deciding to use bulk SMS services, let’s know some more details about such.

What are WhatsApp bulk messages & why should you use them?

WhatsApp bulk SMSs or online bulk messages are effective tools businesses and institutions can use to contact leads and build a loyal customer base. Bulk message campaigns can include voice SMSs, videos, and images, besides the ability to express their message interactively, with an unlimited number of characters.

WhatsApp Marketing is a way of advertising your business on an online interface, reaching an enormous global clientele at once and building effective relationships with them, increasing your business revenue. WhatsApp has been the most popular online messaging platform, with an active customer base of about 2 billion users.

It offers your business to interact with your existing customers and search for more than half of WhatsApp users to check the app every day. Moreover, you can be sure they can get your promotions, as text messages have a phenomenal 98% open rate.

Lastly, you should be aware that your customers love this communication platform. They keep faith in brands with chat apps – around 53% of people reveal that they are likely to buy from companies they can reach through SMSs.

Businesses or institutions, entitled to interact with clients, often have to write the same thing repeatedly. Every time they do, it is likely to miss out on a little information.

SMS resellers provide an effective solution to such issues. If there is any information to communicate that can be overlooked, you can send another bulk message to your clientele.

Service providers allow you to send messages safely and allow you to customize the same. Local services like bulk SMS Mumbai services allow you to send SMSs, grouping information considering the groups or preferences.

Your messages and customers are hyper-secure with online or offline bulk SMS services, especially WhatsApp bulk SMS. You can have faith that the services you’re using won’t put your client portfolio at risk, and your images, videos, or voice SMSs cannot be breached. Online marketing via WhatsApp is a golden opportunity to promote your brand and develop a stable customer base.


Now you know the advantages of an SMS reseller and might be thinking of connecting to one. With bulk SMS Mumbai services, you can send your message to 500 recipients a day from one WhatsApp line. Master all your customers’ favorite channels and get started with them to bring more to your business.

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