How to improve customer experience using Bulk SMS API India

Undoubtedly customer experience is the need of the hour. Such need arises with the technological advancement and the emergence of instant communication tool like bulk SMS, which has enhanced the expectations of the customers.

In today’s competitive world, customer experience has become an integral part of the brand which defines it social responsibility aspect that what values you are delivering to the society in terms of the experience you are giving to your customers. With more than 98% open rate within minutes, bulk SMS has proven to be the most effective mobile communication tool which also possesses tremendous utility to improve your customers’ experience. Take a look at how Bulk SMS API India can improve your customers’ experience.

Why does customer experience worth a lot?

Customer experience can uplift or get down your business. Words of mouth play a very significant role in the success of any business and it’s customer experience which defines words of mouth. A pleasant experience of customers raises the goodwill of the enterprise and certainly increases footfall and vice versa.

The advancement in technology and increasing social media fervor has raised more concerns regarding the experience you provide to the customers because now consumers can use a text message or social media platforms about the experience they perceived about your brand. Customers have open options to commend or criticize your brand on various platforms depend upon the experience they perceived as a result of your products or services.

Successful marketers always focus on consumers journey throughout the period they remain connected with the business. They empathize the need of the customers and hence provide suitable feedback and grievances redressal system. Today consumer demands more communication with the service provider and to cater to such needs, a text message is a fast and effective tool.

How to improve customer experience using Bulk SMS?

SMS messaging is so widely used and this fact can be easily assessed with the facts that 98 % of messages are read within 3 minutes and even an internet connection doesn’t require to send or receive messages. Added to that, a text message is an inbuilt app in each and every mobile phone and doesn’t require any extra hardware or app to become operative. With such peculiarities, consumers use text messaging for diversified applications like mobile banking, online buying-selling updates, authentication and verification purpose, etc. Such vast use has made text message the most remarkable platform to reach out to a large number of audience at a point of time. In this way, a text message is a medium to improve customer experience.

Strengthen your omnichannel strategy by including SMS in it

All successful marketers are adopting omnichannel strategy today. Strengthen your omnichannel strategy by including a text message in it. Update your customers about their order, transaction details, etc. Send a link of the website containing their order/transaction details to give them the comprehensive insight of their transaction.

Be more specific and targeted using a personalized message

Personalized message increases the impact of the information because here you are talking to the individual and not a crowd. It gives a personal touch to communications and helps building strong customer relationships. Make the most of your campaign by incorporating demographic factors in it. Identify the audience tastes, their preferences and then send the relevant message which caters to fulfill the need of the target audience. If the consumer finds your messages valuable, they will find you a trustworthy brand and will continue to buy your products/services.

Say no to long call center queues

Optimize your resources well by using SMS in place of a call center. Use SMS to provide diversified information regarding their order/transaction details, product description, etc. and say no the long queues on a call. Moreover, use a two-way communication system where the public is asked to answer yes or no. Such exercise will allow your team to comprehend the customers need more productively and will increase the efficiency of the salesperson to deal with various queries and complaints.

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