How to Remove Kidney Stone – The Ultimate Guide

How to Remove Kidney Stone

Kidneys are one of the essential organs of our body. Their constant and healthy functioning is necessary to ensure our body’s smooth mechanism. Kidney stones are generally calcium deposits that grow over time. Kidney stones can be unbearable when pass through the urinary tract. If these stones not diagnosed early then they can lead to chronic kidney diseases and other urinary tract infections.

Kidney stone treatment includes several surgical and non-surgical medical interventions along with some home remedies. In this ultimate guide, we will discuss the natural remedies to remove kidney stones.

  • Eat Kidney-friendly foods:

Diet and nutrition play a crucial role in keeping the kidney health intact. Certain foods are known to have a healthy effect on the kidneys. They not only remove the stones effectively but also cleanse the kidneys from other toxins. Vegetables like garlic, kidney beans, capsicum, turmeric, and fruits like apples, strawberries, figs, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids can help you maintain a healthy kidney functioning. The presence of B Vitamins, fiber content, and other nutrients helps the urinary tract to function better.

  •  Drink plenty of water and other fluids:

The more you drink, the more you urinate. Urination will help you to clear the toxins out of your body including kidney stones. Water is considered the best option for dissolving and removing kidney stones, but there are several other fluid options like lemon juice, cranberry juice, tomato Juice, pomegranate Juice, kidney bean broth,
apple cider vinegar etc that can fasten up the process. But avoid drinking dark beers as it can contribute to kidney stones in the future.

  • Additonal Reading:

3-4 litres of water consumption everyday may help remove your kidney stone!

  • 3. Exercise is your best friend

Moderate but regular exercise will help you remove kidney stones. You might be thinking how! It works in a way that the more you exercise, the more you sweat and the more liquid you will intake. Exercise will not directly help you remove kidney stones but it will act as a catalyst in changing your lifestyle. When you exercise, you will eat and drink healthy.

  • Take Medications if necessary

If you are dealing with certainly a large kidney stone, then you will probably require effective medications to dissolve the stone and deal with the pain.


Whenever you experience any symptoms of kidney stones, before trying out the home remedies, you should always consult a doctor.

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