How To Use Your Airbrush Gun

Your makeup tools make a difference. If you just bought an airbrush gun and you’re dying to try out a ton of airbrush cosmetics, then a few tips on how to use the gun will come in handy for you.

Know the parts

Before you can master your airbrush makeup skills, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the parts and components of the gun. From attaching the power cord to the mini compressor to connecting the gun holster and more, make sure you follow the instructions in the kit, the Bearfoot Baker says. The last thing you want is to break or damage anything, especially if you have yet to play with the gun.

Get the right colors

When you shop for makeup, check if the kits or items are designed to work with air guns. Keep an eye out for airbrush makeup foundation options. That should give you choices you can try out without worrying that may not be ideal for your airbrush makeup machine.

Go from light to dark

If you plan on using several colors, then go from light colors to darker ones. That will make it easier for you to clean the residue from the gun. Cleaning in between colors will also ensure that the results won’t be tainted or turn out diluted or off.

Try out the speeds

Once the paint has been loaded and locked, test it out. Start by trying out the tree airbrush speeds: high, medium and low. The speed will dictate how fast the air will come out of the tip of the gun. If you’re still trying things out with airbrush cosmetics, it’s a good idea to pick the low-speed option.

Practice holding the gun

Get used to holding the gun. Practice until it feels natural and comfortable in your hand, the Airbrush Makeup Salon says. That’s going to improve your skills in applying airbrush makeup. Practice moving the lever back and forth to control the air coming from the compressor. Mastery of that will help you ensure stellar airbrush makeup foundation results.

Look for the right gun

Airbrush makeup prices tend to be higher. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn the basics a bit before you put in the money for an airbrush makeup machine. If there’s one you can borrow, that could you practice your skills. If that’s not possible, then look for an airbrush gun that you can use as a beginner.

Check out reviews

Learn to look beyond the cost. Cheap options aren’t going to give you the best results, but neither will expensive options, not unless you take the time to research. Don’t let airbrush makeup prices dictate your buying decisions. Do your homework. Find out which brands and guns are a good choice for you. Consider whether you can maximize use of the gun or not. if you’ve been thinking about switching to airbrush makeup, then this is a good solid step in the right direction.

Conclusion Airbrush makeup can make a difference. Have fun exploring your options.

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