Important Facts to Know About Dubai Tourist Visa

The name of the city, Dubai is enough to spike the rush of adrenaline as it is the perfect amalgamation of serene beaches and sky-wrenching architectures. There are various theme parks to add to the excitement. In fact, the tour companies make the prospect of visiting Dubai alluring and achievable through the cost-effective prices and over the board hospitality. If you have decided to visit Dubai, it is important to understand the factors associated with the Dubai tourist visa. You must be wondering, what about the visa? We will find it out through this article.

Know About the Dubai Tourist Visa

If you believe the formalities of the Dubai tourist visa are like that of the other countries, you are under a wrong notion. In fact, Dubai offers you a splendid opportunity to select from a wide range of options that not only saves much of the budget but also adds to the happiness of visiting the finest Emirate. You may select the express or a normal visa, depending on the urgency of the trip. However, you must never forget to check the status of Ok to Board with your flight ticket to avoid a last-minute rush.

Cutting Across the Harassment of Applying for Visa

Previously, getting a visa was synonymous with harassment which sabotaged the excitement of the tour. However, with time, the procedures have drastically changed to take care of your convenience. The first step in this endeavor is the online submission with no mediums. You must have the documents and photos as per the recommended size to apply for the visa. The next step is to fill the forms to start the procedure. If the verification of all the documents is accomplished, you will have the visa within 4 working days. You must know certain points before submitting the documents on an online platform. Let us have a look at those.

Various Types of Online Dubai Tourist Visa

To step into Dubai legally, you must apply for a visa to the UAE. There are two types of visas, which can be chosen as per your convenience and need. These are single entry and multi-entry visas. As the name suggests, you may opt for the former if you want to visit the city for the getaway. On the other hand, the multi-entry visas enable you to enter the country more than once.

1. Single Entry Visas

96-hours visa – Short business trips can be accomplished through this visa.
14-days visa – This is a non-extendable visa which is best for the purpose of vacation.
30-days visa – It is valid for 58 days from the issuing date and is a non-extendable option.
90-days visa – This is best-suited for you if you are on a business trip or want to visit a relative.

2. Multi-entry Visas

• Multi-entry long-term visa- Valid for 58 days from the issuing date, this allows you to travel to Dubai within a span of 30 days multiple times.
• Multi-entry short-term visa- This is valid for the period of 90 days, during which, you will be allowed to enter the country multiple times.

An Ultimate Guide to Dubai Tourist Visa for Indian

Whether you are going for an official trip or taking your entire family on a recreational trip, Dubai will never stop to amaze you with the over the board luxury and unmatched hospitality. However, you may save a considerable portion of the budget by selecting the most relevant option and connecting with a reliable Dubai tourist visa agent in Delhi. Not only will this save the application fee but will also make your stay in the city hassle-free.

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