India has opted to latest technological promotional campaign

The concept of online shopping has gained high attraction from worldwide. India is one of the countries involved in online shopping at a huge level. The online shopping business is not easy to handle as the most difficult part is maintaining good communication with the customers. Satisfying customers is the key concept of this business. If one has satisfied the customer, it has gained the brand image of the company. Bulk SMS is the trending promotional concept in the business market nowadays. You must be confused by hearing the word ‘Bulk SMS’.

A concept of marketing that is adopted by the companies to attract new clients and maintain good relations with existing clients is bulk SMS. The service helps the companies to connect with the customers at a very low implicated cost having high advantages. There are many service providers in the market which are considered as an SMS gateway providers who provides an API solution to the customers for using the SMS services to connect with the clients. Now, you must be thing what API is? API stands for Application Program Interface. Understanding technically, it is a software solution which helps to connect two or more software to interact with each other. In simple words, when companies are focused on integrating the service of Bulk SMS with their existing software to maintain a communication channel with customers, the API service provided by API gateway providers does all the technical integration. There is no need for extra investment. The technical code is provided in form of API. The bulk SMS API India is one of the leading business markets gaining attraction from different business industries in India.

As the growing industry of online shopping in India needs high customer maintenance, this technical support is provided by many gateway providers. This service helps the shopping business in sending messages to customers related to offers and schemes, alert messages, order details, timings, etc.

Globally, about 1000s of messages are sent every minute having the rate of reading the message more than 95%. In contrast to messages, the rate of reading the e-mails is very less which is only 2 to 3%. While the rate of receiving the phone calls is about 40%. this suggests that delivering the message is the best option for the companies to maintain contact with the customers without giving them a sense of disturbance.

Points to keep in mind while choosing an API provider in India:

Ø Satisfactory customer support: It increases the sense of satisfaction when you are getting services from the right source. Having helping hands gives you peace of mind and also helps you to concentrate on the work. The technical support offered by the API providers is what to be considered the most important. Providing the demo related to the integration of the API along with the tips is very important. Staying in touch and providing a demo by only registering is what differentiate some best gateway providers from others.

Ø Price or Quality: There are times when one have to compromise with the price or the quality. Isn’t it amazing to get both? What if service providers offer you maintenance, server, API integration code, technical support, and bulk SMS only at the price of bulk SMS? That sounds amazing. There are many API providers in India providing you the service this way which directly decrease your investment and increase your profit ratio.

Ø Having transparent reports: It is very important to have all the authentic reports to examine the SMS campaign. Making sure to exclude all DND and unsubscribed numbers are very important. Be careful to stay away from all the fraud service providers.

Ø No hidden costs: Choosing a provider having an honest pricing structure is very important. Concepts like hidden costs are what creates difficulties later. Getting the quality which was initially offered is more important.

Ø API code that is easy to use and integrate: API is considered as the most important factor for every e-commerce business. So it is very important to have customized formats of SMS, easy delivery reports, easy integration code, etc. It is very important to have the documentation of the main API code having the sample coding of languages like PHP, JSON, XML, JAVA, etc.

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