Is Artificial Grass Pet-Friendly?

If you haven’t been living under the rock for the past decade or so, you wouldn’t be any stranger to artificial turf or its uses. With low-cost maintenance, easy installation and replacement and overall convenience, artificial grass has taken over the landscaping industry in frenzy. We have it established that artificial grass is a boon to us humans, but are they good for our four-legged friends?

In a word, yes.

Artificial grass is made in such a way that you as well as your furry friend can enjoy the beauty of the lawns. Most pet owners choose artificial turf over natural grass for their backyards and gardens because of their convenience. The primary benefit of artificial grass is that there are extremely easy to clean. You can easily rise off your dog’s poop by sprinkling down some water.

Although most artificial grasses are pet-friendly, Smart Grass offers specially made Pet Turfs that are designed keeping mind the needs of your pawed friend. Artificial turf for dogs is made to sustain the agility of your dog. The grasses are easy to clean and the dog urine passes right through the grass and does not collect. Synthetic grass for pets is completely non-toxic and is made from a highly absorbing material without compromising the aesthetics of your lawn.

Tall grasses with sharp blades can be a hindrance for your pets who love to run amok and play with the ball. Artificial grasses, on the other hand, are always small and clean and are the perfect playing arena for your agile pets.

The moisture does not collect as easily on the artificial grass as it does on natural grass. So, you do not have to worry about your dog slipping and dislocating a joint while running in the garden after a rain shower or on a winter morning.

A great benefit of artificial grass is that it looks greener and fuller throughout the year. Even during the winters, when most gardens assume a dull, straw-like appearance, artificial turfs will continue to boast of its evergreen glory. This is an added benefit if you have pets. No matter how much your pet runs or skits on the turf, it would not do much damage to the grass.

It is a back-breaking job to keep the natural grass looking good if you have a dog at home. The unappealing patchy appearance ruins the overall aesthetics of the garden and you have to spend extra time tending after your backyard to fix it. However, this has become a thing of the past with the advent of artificial turfs. Pets, especially dogs and cats have the infuriating habit of digging up the mud to bury their precious treasures. This can lead to the said patchy appearance of the garden. However, this isn’t possible for artificial grass lawns and you would be effectively saved from the patchy appearance of your gardens.

The spongy feel of the artificial turfs can be the best playing arena of your pooches and cats who can roll around the greenery and be delighted by its soft and luxurious feel. The low cost and the efficient installation makes artificial turfs the ideal choice for you and your pawed friends.

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