Is the AZ-304 Worth It?

DevOps remained the highly sought skillset for the last decade, and Azure has certainly helped DevOps and developers through its growth. Microsoft provides the AZ-304 Azure certification examination, an Architect design exam that explicitly feeds design enthusiasts’ needs in Cloud computing. Let us delve deep to understand if this certification is really worth the penny for Cloud developers.

About AZ-304:

This examination gives developers a basic idea about how the cloud environment works. Besides, one of the outcomes of this certification is learning how Cloud applications are designed and how Azure platforms work. The developers who complete this certification will be the subject matter experts in designing and developing Cloud solutions at an enterprise level.

AZ-304 examination cost:

It costs $165 to appear for the exam. The test contains forty to sixty questions with two and a half hours to complete. Is it really advantageous to achieve this certification? Go through the below sections to understand more.

Advantages of AZ-304:

  • This certification is one of the best provided by Azure and gives the utmost benefit to Cloud developers who look forward to learning Cloud architecture and Cloud application design. On completing this certification, the developers get a fair idea of how to design and develop a secured enterprise-level production system.
  • Also, concepts like computing, storage, and memory are other areas that are explored in this certification examination. In order to build a robust, secured and reliable production application, this certification has become a mandate for Cloud app developers.
  • Starting with this certification will help you gain core Cloud computing concepts, especially Azure applications and APIs if you are new to Azure. If you are already working in an Azure environment, completing this certification will give you additional knowledge on a variety of Cloud computing concepts. You can use these concepts in your real-time production development, where you will gain insights into how existing production systems have been designed and developed securely. Once you earn enough skills in Cloud computing, you will become a vital asset to your employer.
  • If you are already in the role of Azure solutions architect, then completing this certification will help you validate your existing skills. It also lets you verify if your experience is on the same page with the standards with the Azure expectations.
  • Bagging this certification is an excellent way to show you are an apt fit for the role of a solutions architect at the enterprise level. Due to the constant demand for growing professionals, this certification will genuinely make a difference during job recruitment.


Microsoft Azure has good articles on its official site to help you appear for the examination. Going through the exam syllabus, question patterns, and weightage for each of the sections is essential before appearing for the test. While there are a bunch of Cloud developers out there, the demand for Azure architects is growing at the enterprise level because most of the new startups are moving toward Cloud computing. Completing this certification is worth every penny.

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