It’s time to include two-way SMPP SMS Service in your Marketing Strategy

In times of maintaining an effective relationship with customers, two-way SMS has become a pivotal tool. Today marketers are provisioning two-way SMS as a substantial part of their marketing strategy. Read on to know more than how SMPP Service has the potential to leverage your marketing strategy:

Easy engagement with customers than over the phone or mail

Most of the times it has seen that when any promotional phone call is received by a layman, he/she can easily excuse it without giving too much attention to it. On the other hand, with an SMS, they are at the convenience of reading the information as per their time and comfort. This is one of the reasons that the customers are more likely to read such information. Added to that, SMS messages are short and sweet and it just takes a few seconds to read the information conveyed.

With more than 98% open rate, SMS marketing has proven to be the most effective marketing tool and is being used widely by marketers. With such effectiveness, two-way SMS messaging has become significant too. Let’s take an example which clearly depicts the dominance and effectiveness of SMPP service Provider over phones and other modes. Suppose you called a person for an outstanding expense or an insurance premium during working hours, he may not want to respond you that time because it would not be prefered by him to discuss outstanding finance during his work time. However, it would be more easy and convenient for that person to understand the information and respond that what are the reasons for non-payment or when will it be paid?

Two-way SMS allows people to read the message and respond in their own time

Suppose you are taking feedback via text message about your products or service quality or conducting a market survey about customers preferences over a various range of products. The recipient may look at the message during the day and not be interested in responding because they are performing their duties in working hours. However, they may go to the message later and likely to reply to the SMS.

While in case of a phone call, you can’t predict which is the right time to call your target audience and they may be busy when you called. Such practice may irritate them and they may put your number down to block list. While with SMS, they have the option to choose when they should respond as per their convenience. Moreover, we have seen people block a marketing mobile number to get rid of interrupted phone calls but have you seen a person who would have blocked a mobile number due to marketing SMS? Such efficiency and convenience of text message service make it a more preferable communication service than others.

Two-way SMS is an ideal way of communication without interruption

The best thing about messages is that they are interruption free. They are more personal than a phone call and people perceive the messages with a different perception than they perceive a phone call. They will receive a message and be able to reply either instantly or after some time. On the other hand, interruptions are very likely to appear during a telephonic call. There are many reasons which cause such interruption like the person who is receiving the call may not be in the network area, or maybe the area is surrounded by a lot of noise and make it difficult to hear what you are trying to say.

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