Know the Best Mattress which Helps to Prevent Bed Sores

The choice of mattresses becomes quite critical if someone has had a history of bedsores or pressure ulcers. An expert’s opinion becomes mandatory in such a situation because these things are to be dealt with utmost precaution and care. An inappropriate choice of an overlay mattress can lead to unwanted results and disappointment. The right choice of a perfect mattress overlay for bedsores is as important as medication for any of the health issue.

Experts recommend using a high-density mattress overlay for bed sores. The recent technology that is being used in the construction of mattresses is an advanced one that looks after the important considerations that need to be addressed in providing comfort to a person with similar conditions. However, there are two different variants available in the market for high-density foam mattresses.

Memory Foam:

The history of memory foam’s invention is quite an interesting one because it involves a space agency. The concept of memory foam came into the scene as a spinoff of a material that was earlier used by NASA that was called temper foam. They used it with the objective of providing better comfort and shock protection to a traveler on his aircraft ride. Since then it has also been used for other manufacturing purposes such as football helmets, footwear, and especially for making hospital beds for patients experiencing bedsores.

The materials are also referred to as “slow spring back foam,” due to its application of coming back to its original shape once the body weight is applied and released. This overlay pad foam material without a doubt works as an efficient mattress overlay for bedsores.

Latex Foam:

The latex foam piggybacked on the successes of memory foam and is now heavily used in the mattress industry by its manufacturers. The latex is naturally derived with the help of a rubber tree that originally exists in Amazon. However, since the popularity, the tree is now grown in many other continents for its extraction.

The Latex Foam International has claimed that their high-quality latex has the potential of providing 30 percent more pressure relief in comparison with the memory foam. They have also claimed that components of a latex mattress have a unique feature of breathable cells that allows the mattress to adapt according to the climatic conditions. For instance, the mattress will stay warm in the winters and will stay cool in the hot summers.

Which one to buy?

Both types of mattresses offer quality comfort and much-needed assistance to a person who suffers from bedsores. The two are also resistant to mildew and dust mites. The high-density memory foam mattresses are excellent when it comes to long-term durability, and the only major disappointment with it can be that at times it becomes too warm for a person to sleep on.

The selection ultimately comes down to one’s preference over one another considering that both offer almost similar outcomes with different applications in place.

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