Natural Techniques for Treating Cystic Fibrosis

Experiencing the formation of sticky mucus within the body due to the disruption in the functioning of the epithelial cells leads to cystic fibrosis or CF, which is the reason for affecting more than 30,000 Americans. Cystic fibrosis is a disease that is inherited in nature that can affect anyone whether it is a child or a person who belongs to the senior age category. It takes one defective gene to abrupt the functioning of the epithelial cells, the one which determines the passageway of the body’s most vital parts and organs. Due to the excessive buildup of the sticky mucus in the body especially the lungs, cystic fibrosis is often related to lung damage and chronic coughing.

Several medical studies have been conducted on the causes, symptoms, and effects of cystic fibrosis along with its possible cure. Here are some of the natural treatments that can be applied to treat cystic fibrosis:

Early Diagnosis and DNA Sequencing

Cystic fibrosis is an inherited disorder which makes it very usual for medical professionals to identify and diagnose the disease mostly in unborn or newborn babies who are supposedly at higher risk. One of the recent developments in the early diagnosis of cystic fibrosis has been DNA sequencing that is a laboratory method for determining the sequence of a DNA molecule and its composition. Bases or the chemical building blocks that primarily constitute the DNA molecule contain a unique kind of genetic information that helps the scientists to understand the particular DNA segment. As mentioned above, cystic fibrosis is forwarded with one defective gene that leads to the formation of mucus. With proper genetic tests at the early stage, doctors can help control the situation and lower the complications.

Change in Diet

Young patients that suffer from cystic fibrosis are recommended to outline a chart comprising of high-nutrient food and quality supplements. This will help them effectively combat the deadly infections and gain weight at a normal rate. When it comes to the treatment of cystic fibrosis, diet plays a crucial role in order to effectively fight against the rising symptoms of malnutrition that is common in children and young cystic fibrosis patients. In order to improve the digestive functions during cystic fibrosis, most doctors recommend going for the probiotic supplements and monosaturated fats including virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, and avocado. For more information on cystic fibrosis, you can visit sites like

Physiotherapy and Exercise

Since breathing problem is one of the biggest issues with cystic fibrosis and patients find it really uncomfortable to breathe with their lungs properly, there has been an increasing approach towards physical therapy and exercises that deal with stimulating the breathing capabilities. The key advantage of these techniques is that physiotherapy is completely a non-surgical procedure. It mainly comprises of clearing out our chest and airways that helps in preventing the mucus formation, particularly when combined with the prominent lung-strengthening exercises.


Cystic fibrosis treatment is completely based on the severity of your health condition. However, when diagnosed in the early stage, doctors and physical therapists could work together to prevent the ill-effects of the disease.