Ola Electric launches new S1 X scooters: A New Era of Affordable Electric Scooters

Ola Electric S1 X

Ola Electric, a leading Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, has shaken up the market with the launch of its new S1 X electric scooter range. Announced on April 15, 2024, the S1 X series boasts affordability, impressive range, and a variety of features designed to cater to a wider range of riders.

Targeted Affordability

One of the most significant aspects of the S1 X is its competitive pricing strategy. Ola Electric has introduced the base variant of the S1 X at an introductory price of ₹69,999, making it one of the most affordable electric scooters in the Indian market. This strategic move positions Ola to tap into a broader consumer base, potentially accelerating electric vehicle adoption in India.

The S1 X range comes in three variants:

  • 2 kWh: This base variant boasts an IDC range of 95 km and a top speed of 85 kmph. Ideal for riders with shorter commutes, it starts at a very attractive ₹69,999.
  • 3 kWh: Offering a balance between range and affordability, the 3 kWh variant delivers a 143 km IDC certified range and a top speed of 90 kmph. This variant is priced at ₹84,999.
  • 4 kWh: The top-of-the-line option prioritizes extended range. With a claimed IDC range of 190 km and a 90 kmph top speed, the 4 kWh variant is priced at ₹89,999.

Catering to Diverse Needs

The S1 X series caters to riders with different preferences by offering a range of features across the variants. The 2 kWh and 4 kWh variants come equipped with a physical key for unlocking, while the 3 kWh and above variants boast keyless unlocking for added convenience. However, all variants lack the smart connectivity features seen on the previous S1 range.

For riders seeking a connected experience, the existing S1 range remains available, though at a slightly higher price point.

Performance Packed

Despite the variations in features, all S1 X scooters share a common 6 kW electric motor, delivering quick acceleration. The 4 kWh and 3 kWh variants can achieve 0-40 km/h in a thrilling 3.3 seconds, while the 2 kWh variant reaches the same speed in 4.1 seconds.

The S1 X series features three riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sports. Riders can seamlessly switch between these modes to optimize performance for different riding conditions or preferences.

Focus on Safety

Safety remains a priority for Ola Electric. The S1 X is equipped with a single disc brake on the front wheel and a drum brake on the rear wheel. Ola emphasizes the use of a CBS (Combined Braking System) to ensure balanced braking for rider safety.

Extended Warranty for Peace of Mind

Similar to the existing S1 range, Ola Electric offers an industry-leading 8-year/80,000 km warranty on the battery pack, providing riders with peace of mind regarding a crucial component of the electric scooter.

A New Chapter for Electric Mobility

The launch of the S1 X series signifies a significant development in the Indian electric vehicle landscape. With its focus on affordability and range, Ola Electric has the potential to broaden the appeal of electric scooters and accelerate their adoption in the country. The strategic decision to offer variants with varying features allows riders to choose an S1 X that best suits their needs and budget.

While some riders might miss the smart features of the previous S1 range on the base variants of the S1 X, the focus on affordability opens the door to a new segment of potential electric scooter buyers. Moreover, the continued availability of the S1 range caters to those who prioritize connected features.

Availability and Deliveries

The Ola S1 X series is currently available for pre-order on Ola Electric’s official website. Deliveries are expected to commence on June 14, 2024.

The S1 X presents a compelling proposition for budget-conscious riders seeking a reliable and efficient electric scooter. With its combination of affordability, range, and performance, Ola Electric’s new offering has the potential to disrupt the Indian electric scooter market and empower a new generation of electric vehicle riders.

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