Poloniex Review 2018

Poloniex is based in San Francisco

What is Poloniex?

Poloniex is a digital currency exchange platform, in the U.S, popular amongst many other cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the most active trading exchange which offers strong security measures, with advanced trading features. It offers numerous cryptocurrencies, to trade.

Which cryptocurrencies does it support?

Poloniex offers more than 100 cryptocurrencies for trading including:

• Bitcoin
• Ethereum
• Litecoin
• Monero
• Ripple
• BitShares

Where is it available?

It is based in San-Francisco. It services are wide-spread across the globe, including India.

Which payment methods are accepted?

deposits are only made online via cryptocurrency as it does not support fiat currencies.

How quickly will my funds be available?

The process of depositing and withdrawing coins can take between 30 minutes and 1 hour in total. You can easily see your withdrawal history by selecting Balances > History in the main menu. Your deposit information will be displayed in the same section.

Are there any transfer limits?

Your initial daily withdrawal limit with poloniex is likely be US$2,000. Once you successfully pass the verification, your daily limit of withdrawals will increase to US$25,000.

To get the maximum withdrawal limit, you need to submit your photo ID, address proof and even a picture of yourself holding the ID.

There’s also a third level of verification that can provide limits in excess of US$25,000 for which you need, to contact the customer support as the details are not mentioned.

Advantages of using Poloniex:

• Wide selection of cryptocurrencies available
• Margin trading involved
• High liquidity
• To reduce risk, limiting the stock feature is enabled

How secure is Poloniex?

Poloniex employs strict security measures so that any malicious activity trying to enter your data is stopped therein. With high levels of security practices, poloniex is very safe exchange to trade.

It also has sound security protocols to ensure you’re your data is safe, when stored offline. it also successfully runs auditing programs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. These programs help prevent any spammer, trying to destroy your account. It will block any malicious activity which might try to steal away your precious data.

Like other exchanges, Poloniex enables 2-factor authentication, which acts as a double layer of security for your exchange account. As security is the priority of almost every exchange, poloniex also makes sure to strengthen its exchange.

Poloniex Customer support number

Poloniex offers a guaranteed customer service to the people who use poloniex. The customer support consists of various expert technicians who are 27×7 ready to help you with the exchange.

The customer support operates through a support number which is always running to resolve any type of queries you might be having with it.

The phone number of poloniex is always on the go because the customers might face trouble anytime. You can contact the support representatives either via phone or the chat option available on its website.

Disadvantages of poloniex:

• Negative reviews from the cryptocurrency community regarding withdrawals
• Sometimes the website is slow

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