Postcard Sizes For Direct Mail

Postcards come in different variations, and their mailing cost differs as well. Each of the postcard dimensions has its advantages and disadvantages. The United States Post Office requires postcards to be rectangular and not any other shape. A portrait or landscape shape can’t be used since it remains rectangular. They also accept postcards that are half-fold or trifold if they stay within their thickness dimensions. Here is a review of three standard sizes which are the most convenient to pick from. 

4 * 6 Postcards

This is the most common size, and it’s considered standard. The United States Post Office requires postcards to be in a rectangular shape to pass for presort bulk postage price. A 4 * 6 dental mail postcard would be a perfect fit for first-class mail, which has a discounted rate. If you only desire to send a single message, it’s advisable to use this size.


  • Smaller dimensions, hence more affordable.
  • Perfect for short messages such as a call-to-action, thank you notes and discount coupons.
  • You get a first-class discounted rate.
  • Faster delivery period, about one week or less.


  • It may not fit the message you want to send especially if you need to include a lot of information.
  • Standard size and is unlikely to stand out

5.5 * 8.5 Postcards

When using this size, you get a standard presort bulk rate, although this is not similar to the first-class discounted prices. The 5.5 * 8.5 allows you to write a longer text on your dental mail postcard than the 4 * 6 standard size. This size is perfect for someone who is starting up. 


  • They are bigger in size and still economical
  • They allow you to add details for your products or services
  • Has a longer length than an envelope.


  • Ideally, an ordinary size
  • You don’t get the first-class deducted rates

6 * 11 Postcards

Lastly is the 6 * 11 direct mail postcard size. It’s the biggest among the three proposed sizes and almost equals a letter-sized page space. In case your postcard is bigger than this size, it shall be considered to be in the “flat” category, which is more expensive. The 6 * 11 size has enough space for several messages or coupons and allows you to present your message in a creative way. They can fit graphics and sizable fonts, and you’ll still get to pay the standard bulk rates.  


  • It’s not an ordinary size
  • Bigger space for more content
  • It stands out from the rest


  • You don’t get the first-class discount price
  • It’s costly to print

If a postcard is larger than the above dimensions, the United States Post Office considers it the same as a letter and hence costlier. The thickness of the postcard should be between 0.007 and 0.016. Postcards are a great marketing strategy. They are cost-friendly and are an effective marketing tool. Whether a new business or one that’s been around for a while, postcards should be something to appraise. 

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