Reasons To Work with A Professional Property Management Company for Your Vacation Rental


Investing in a vacation rental can generate additional income and wealth via appreciation. Vacation rentals can be lucrative in Whistler. Increasing local populations make these assets appreciate at a pace above the national average.

After investing in a vacation rental, hire a Whistler property management company. These teams can help with marketing, visitor interaction, and property cleaning, making your life simpler.

Some vacation homeowners try to manage the property themselves, but hiring a manager typically pays off. 

Here are some reasons of hiring a vacation property manager. Knowing why so many property owners do it can determine if you should too:

1. Increased Exposure to Property

Using a vacation home management firm will assist improve awareness of your property. The team will enhance your property’s digital visibility via social media and local listings. More than 80% of bookings are made online. Therefore, an excellent online presence is essential.

2. Gained Maximum Profits

In Whistler, most profitable vacation rentals use variable pricing. These properties charge more during busy periods and less when business is quiet. Weekends, community activities, and peak vacation season raise vacation property demand. By working with a team versed in the local market’s ups and downs, you may optimize your rent while guaranteeing the property is rented.

3. Help in An Emergency

Vacation rentals aren’t immune to life’s surprises. The property owner must respond swiftly in the event of flooding, malfunctioning appliances, gas leaks, etc. Instead of being on call 24/7, engage a property management staff. This gives you greater freedom and reduces your liability.

4. Ratings Boosted on social media

Promoting your property online is not enough; you must ensure it receives excellent reviews regularly. Roughly 59% of guests research the property’s website or read reviews before making a reservation. You can count on your vacation rental management company to supply the goods and services you need to keep your average review score high. If you manage to amass a large number of five-star reviews, your listing will rise in the search results, and you’ll unlock perks like being named an Air BnB super host.

5. Preventative Upkeep and Maintenance

Anyone seeking to satisfy visitors (crucial in this sector) must clean the property between stays. Instead of cleaning your homes yourself, engage a company. In the rental market, cleaning costs are added to each stay, so employing a service won’t affect your bottom line. Changing light bulbs, correcting leaks, and everything in between will be crucial.

6. Improved guest relations

Repeat visitors require extra effort, so make sure you’re always easy to understand. The longer it takes the host to react to a visitor’s urgent message ( “We’re locked out! “, “How do you turn the heat off?”, “Are there any decent restaurants nearby?”), the more likely the guest will become frustrated and leave a negative review. When you have your whole crew working for you, you can focus on your visitors without worrying about your phone. The staff will handle every correspondence, and complaints will be handled efficiently.

7. Possibility of Expansion

Once a vacation property owner is successful, they may desire to buy more. Managing guest relations, cleaning, and marketing yourself will restrict how many homes you can own. Each day is limited. Hiring a vacation property management company will help you build your business.

8. Bottom-Line Improvements

Most people who own vacation homes choose not to work with a rental agency because they’d rather keep their money in their pocket. When you do the arithmetic, you’ll realize that working with a company boosts your monthly take-home pay. If you improve your property’s marketing, customer service, and management, you can use it to its fullest potential. Some companies won’t ask for money unless they successfully rent your house.

Conclusion – Hiring a property management company

While owning a Whistler vacation home rentals property is a lot of effort, it can be profitable if run efficiently. Hiring a property management business is smart if you want to maximize your earnings and minimize the hassles of property ownership. These companies may give significant value; nevertheless, you will want to take the time to make sure that you pick a partner suitable for your property ownership goals.

After twenty years in the vacation rental business, you can rest assured that Elevate Vacations will provide you with excellent service and a high return on your investment (ROI) if you choose to sell your vacation home with them. Each Elevate home and visitor receives round-the-clock assistance and care from our devoted local team. Look at how we streamline the entire process of renting your property and increasing your earnings.


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