Should You Be Using the Leg Press Machine?

Leg Press Machine

A leg press is a weight-building staple. If you are looking for a workout machine that can help you target major leg muscle groups, this should be at the top of your list. Engage most of your lower body in your workouts without worrying about injuries or stability issues. Here are some of the benefits that you can gain when you add a leg press to your exercise routine.

Isolates Leg Muscles

You lay back or sit up and drive the weight with only your legs. That restricts upper body movement. If you have an elbow or shoulder injury, a leg press machine allows you to exercise your legs without impacting your upper body. Also, depending on the way you position your feet on the footplate, you can either work on your calves, quads, or hamstrings.

Doesn’t Require Balance

A leg press is easy to use. You only need to lie down or sit to do the exercises. And while that sometimes earns the scorn of fitness enthusiasts who appreciate variety in their workout machines, that is one of the best qualities of a leg press. It’s simple and easy to use, allowing you to focus on your leg muscles. That simple, focused movement is why the machine is so effective. You can also use a leg press, even if you have mobility issues, flexibility problems, or underdeveloped muscles.

Strengthens Squats

When you incorporate the leg press into your daily exercise routine, that helps build your leg muscles, giving you stronger limbs. Research shows that consistent use of the leg press improves your ability to squat while handling heavier loads. That means your legs are strong enough to support the increased weight. In heavier squats, the quads hold up most of the weight. Training with a leg press helps you focus on your quads to achieve that outcome.

Improves Your Deadlift

Aside from handling heavier squats, you will also see a marked improvement in your deadlift. The leg press helps you get stronger so your muscles grow stronger to the point that you can do a deadlift. If you want to see your performance improve, start using a leg press.

Move More Weight

By consistently using the leg press, you strengthen your leg muscles—specifically, your quads. And because the machine keeps you in a stable position, you can try lifting more. You can start working your way to heavier loads. That’s another reason why weight-building enthusiasts choose the leg press.

Enjoy a Better Quality of Life

Do you have a problem climbing up the stairs or walking around? Using a leg press to work on your quads gives you stronger calves and legs capable of getting you through the stairs without feeling like your knees are going to give out. If climbing stairs tire out your legs, start exercising with a leg press.

Ideal for Beginners

Not all machines are suitable for beginners. But the simple movements of a leg press make it one of the best machines for first-timers at the gym. Use the leg press to stabilize your balance when you’re lifting.

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