Some of the Best Boat Smartwatches That You Can Gift to Someone Special

Boat Smartwatches

Many individuals nowadays choose smartwatches as presents over other electronics. The reason for this is that smartwatches are appropriate for individuals of various ages. These smartwatches provide information such as the date and time, as well as health-related functions. 

As we approach the end of the year, a smartwatch would be an excellent choice to consider for your loved one this New Year. If you’re shopping for gifts for 2022, try the Boat smartwatch. With its electrical devices and accessories, boAt has been a prominent brand in the market for some time. 

They have just lately entered the smartwatch industry. Boat watches are available with all of the fundamental capabilities, and the best smartwatches are fairly priced and accessible to everybody. 

If you’re searching for high-end features like multi-sport monitoring, stress tracking, and so on, you should know that BoAt is not a high-end brand. Boat smartwatches, on the other hand, are a terrific alternative in terms of some common features at a very affordable price. Boat Smartwatches are available at the finest prices on all major eCommerce sites in India.

Best boat watches to give as a gift

1. The boAt Storm Smartwatch Price in India is approximately Rs. 3000 on major eCommerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart, and it is one of the most recent versions of smartwatch accessible in Indian marketplaces. This smartwatch is designed to work with both Android and iOS smartphones.

The elegant style is appropriate for both men and women. The smartwatch’s touchscreen and touch sensitivity are excellent. The BoAt storm smartwatch has a display resolution of 240X240 pixels and a display size of 33mm.

When it comes to smartwatch capabilities, it has an accurate step tracker, calorie counter, and heart rate monitor. It also contains an activity tracker that can monitor up to eight different activities, including walking, running, cycling, climbing, yoga, and treadmill use. 

It is water-resistant to 5 ATMs, so you can comfortably dive into the pool without fear of harming your smartwatch. The watch also has a Menstrual Tracker, making it an excellent choice for ladies.

2. In addition to call and text notifications, the BoAt Flash Watch has music and camera control. Everything will be under your control, straight from your wrist. The automated heart rate monitor allows you to keep track of your health at all times. 

The sleep monitoring tool allows you to keep track of your light, deep, and awake sleep. Your daily health and fitness are tracked with the daily activity tracker. The SpO2 monitor is extremely active and measures your blood oxygen level from your wrist using reflecting pulse oximetry.

The 200mAh battery has a standby period of roughly 20 days. This smartwatch is very robust due to its IP68 waterproofing and strong metal case. The price of the boAt Watch Flash Smartwatch is roughly Rs. 2500 online, which is less than the price of the BoAt Storm Smartwatch. It is a smartwatch with a conventional style that is reasonably priced for everyone.

3. The BoAt has lately created a name for itself in the smartwatch sector, and the BoAt Watch Enigma Smartwatch Price In India is fairly inexpensive considering the large number of functions it offers. With its mindfulness and breathing awareness, this wristwatch may help you relax. 

The boat watch enigma has an additional ‘Do not disturb mode. This ‘Do not disturb’ setting allows you to silence all alerts. The wristwatch also has smart gestures. Raising your wrist to wake the watch, shaking your wrist to take images, shaking your wrist to change watch faces, and more functions are available.

4. The boAt Pro smartwatch features are quite extensive for the price tag. The stylish fitness accessory has a plethora of fitness functions to watch out for. The real-time heart rate monitor keeps you linked to your heart’s health at all times. Among the 14 activity modes are typical running, walking, trekking, and other activities. 

The sedentary time alarm alerts you when you have been sitting idly for an extended period and encourages you to begin moving. Alarms, call alerts, app notifications, and other smartphone features help you remain on track with your daily schedule. 

Stay focused while the smartwatch correctly tracks your exercise and health objectives. While monitoring your fitness objectives, the smart vibration notifications make the alerts more noticeable on your wrist.

5. If you’re seeking some of the most important wristwatch functions, the Boat Storm RTL SmartWatch has an excellent selection. The full-touch color display complements the elegant 2.5D display. One of the most precise features of this wristwatch is the SpO2 monitor. The sensors on the back of the wristwatch are used to assess the reflected blood oxygen levels on your wrist.

You may match the watch faces to whatever outfit you choose to wear with this best smartwatch. Treadmill, dynamic cycling, walking, jogging, yoga, and other workout modes are available. The elegant appearance makes it an excellent choice for any fitness fanatic seeking a fashionable smartwatch. The price of this Boat smartwatch in India is Rs. 2999, however, you may get it online at various discounts at a reduced price.


Allow the best smartwatch to keep up with you in this fast-paced world. Boat smartwatches provide a variety of active sports modes, such as cycling, workout, jogging, walking, climbing, and others, making it simple to keep fit. Not only do the best smartwatch from boAt help you keep track of your physical fitness, but they also help you keep track of your mental wellness through guided meditation. It is indeed best for gifting someone special.

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