The 5 Best Ranges of Worktop Materials to be used in Combination with Metro Tiles

The kitchen is the most difficult and challenging place to design. It requires a good amount of dedication and planning to come up with an exceptionally designed kitchen. The worktop materials used, should be in a good combination with metro tiles to look magnificent.

Organizing and managing your designs with a limited budget can be a crucial task. From marble to granite to quartz, choosing the most appropriate worktop for your kitchen can also be considered as formidable. The worktop and tiles which you want to use in your modification should be visually appealing. Worktop and Tiles are the main things that need to be designed properly as these help in uplifting your kitchen’s look and standard. With some of the best worktop sellers, providing great alternatives, the task can become simpler.

While redesigning your kitchen with the combination of metro tiles and worktops, here are the five best ranges of worktop materials which you can use.

  • Neolith Colourful Range:

Neolith is a revolutionary compact surface which is eco-friendly. It combines high-performance specifications, trendy colors with different thickness variations. Neolith is one of the pioneers, which provides evolved materials which was non-existent up until a few years ago. With different raw shades of worktop, it can be easily paired with any type of metro tiles. This Neolith Colourful Range provides variable colors, tone, and pattern inherited with the natural raw material to make your kitchen look more standardized.

  • Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection:

Caesarstone which is a luxury quartz manufacturer who also provides various ranges of worktop which can be combined with metro tiles to deliver stunning designs. Caesarstone has introduced Metropolitan collection which consists of a distinctive collection of Urban Interior trend. This collection provides the authentic textures such as raw concrete or oxidized steel. The Caesarstone Metropolitan Collection has shown a never experienced cutting-edge technology in quartz with raw appearances.

  • Silestone Mythology Series:

Silestone recently previewed the Silestone Mythology Series, which comes with a great collection of colors for the worktop. This series can be easily combined with the metro tiles to create a unique and elegant design. The Mythology series comes with a simple achromatic color which shows the identity of each individual’s worktop. Using these worktops can make your kitchen look more luxurious and rich.

  • Technistone Noble Range:

Technistone is a reputed brand manufacturer in designing a high-quality quartz surface for the kitchens. It highly selects natural materials such as graphite or quartz to make their worktop more impressive. Technistone Noble Range is blended with different colored pigments and crushed mirror which reflects a royal look to their worktop. This range can be easily blended with different metro tiles to make your kitchen look more decent and expensive.

  • Dekton Industrial Collection:

Dekton is also one of the pioneers in making different styles of the worktop. Dekton introduced Dekton Industrial Collection to show the beauty of metals and stone. The beautiful imperfections of these worktops reflect a completely rich and elegant look. The matured technology used in designing these worktops will be making your kitchen look more beautiful with the combination of different styles of metro tiles.

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