The Benefits Of VFD Integration Within A HVAC System

VFD or Variable Frequency Drive provides better management of energy or electricity and consequently contribute towards the reduced operational cost. VFD’s have been used in the pumps and fans in many different kinds of load applications and have provided up to 50% of energy saving. The complete return-of-investment is achieved in as less as six months.

Use and benefits of VFD in HVAC:

The Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems of conventional and traditional design/type used to operate the pumps and fans at a given and constant speed. The loads to which the system caters to are never constant though. As the conventional motors run at the same speed no matter what amount of output is required, they consume the same and highest amount of electricity for running at their highest and peak level.

The VFD motor can be tweaked and adjusted for its speed of running, and even for precision. The speed of VFD motor can also be controlled through the other electrical controls so that the speed of the fan can be varied. In some HVAC units, the VFD is integrated within the system. While the system can offer a constant and required volume, it may also monitor and adjust the speed of the fan to the changes that may occur in the system. The ERV wheel or the air filter make get dirty and consequently a change in fan speed may be required, which the system can automatically adjust to when the VFD is present and included in it. Hence the changes in the system and the static pressure are noted and are adapted to, by the VFD. There are other benefits of VFD as well. some of these are listed below.

  1. The VFD starts quite slowly and hence there is no inrush current or current spike that may damage the motor or the system. The use of VFD also reduces the stress that may be created on the system and motor components.

  2. The VFD can be integrated into both single and three-phase systems.

  3. Presence of VFD optimizes the output of oversized HVAC systems.

It has been found that the peak or maximum load conditions at which the HVAC systems are meant and designed to run only comprise a maximum of 5% of the total yearly operating hours. In all other instances, the system is using extra electricity and the wearing of the components is also at its maximum. As 95% of the times, the system is using extra electricity, the energy bills are always much higher than what they should be. The use of VFD controls all of this and provides maximum efficiency at least cost.

The variable frequency drive is also known by other names like AC Drive, Adjustable Speed Drive, Inverter and Microdrive. You should always choose a good HVAC system that has the VFD integrated into its configuration so that your energy bills are always low and there is no wastage. Many new codes also required that the VFD must be integrated within the HVAC system. VFD panels can be easily brought online, and are one-stop stations for controlling your modern VFDs and HVAC systems.

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