The Best Guide to Working an International Teacher Exchange

The Best Guide to Working an International Teacher Exchange

Are you looking participate in an international Spanish teacher exchange program? While this is a wonderful career move for you, you have to be prepared to undergo such a unique career move. Here are a few things that you need to know before you decide to participate in a teacher exchange!

First, what can you expect from participating in a teacher exchange?

You can expect to entirely exchange teaching posts and housing arrangements with your exchange partner. You live in your exchange partner’s house in order to completely immerse yourself in the culture of your exchange country.

What is required to enter an international teacher exchange program?

The application requires you to list your top three country choices in order to best place you into a country you would be comfortable in. While these choices are taken into consideration when it comes to placing you in a country, the final placement is determined by the availability of other exchanges from abroad. You will also need to consider if you would prefer to be placed in a more developed country or a third world country. This is just based off of your preferences and personal comfort level. While you are going to have a new experience, you want to be aware of what your comfort level is.

How do you make your exchange successful?

There are a variety of difficulties that come with participate in an international teaching exchange that are important to weigh against the exciting parts of the experience. Below are some ways to make your new experience easier for you.

  • Creating an open dialogue between yourself and your exchange partner will make it easier for you to adjust to your new environment. You can’t expect to have a very accommodating exchange partner, of course, but it will not hurt you to reach out to someone in a similarly new environment.
  • Prepare yourself for your teaching assignment. It is vital that you understand the educational system and teaching practices of the country that you are going to be teaching in as they may vary greatly from the practices that you are used to in your home country. Adjusting your teaching style to better suit the students you will be teaching will help make your transition into a new environment and make your students more comfortable. Learn as much as you can about your new educational system so that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Be aware of the challenges that you will face in your new country when you opt for a Spanish teacher exchange. There are always going to be some cultural differences that will be difficult for you to overcome. The most pressing of these cultural barriers will often be a significant lack of diversity and the pressure of using a language every day in a way that you wouldn’t in your native country. Even if you’re a teacher fluent in Spanish, speaking it all day every day on exchangewill probably drain you. It would probably benefit you to find groups of your native language speakers before you arrive so that you can relax from constant immersion every so often.

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