The Different Varieties/Types Of Soldering Stations Available for Adjoining Metals

With evaluation in technology, many different types of soldering stations are available in the market today. The stations vary in the way they perform a soldering process and have other variations and differences as well amongst them

The process of soldering, which is the joining of two metals through a filler metal (also known as solder), is used widely across industries and is useful towards the Do-It-Yourself or DIY projects as well. Unlike welding, the metals that are joined are not melted in soldering, but only the solder is. Soldering stations are used in electronics and other industries widely for the soldering of components to the circuit boards. A soldering station typically includes the soldering iron temperature adjustment or control knob indicator, holder or stand for placement of soldering iron, electric transformer, and the tip cleaner. It may also include the desoldering tweezers and other components (for instance the infrared heater) on the basis of its model and variety.

There are many different types of soldering station available today that vary in their specifications and features, and which can be used for adjoining metals.

Contact Soldering Station

The station has the inbuilt power supply functionality and the voltage and temperature of the heating tip or the element can be easily adjusted with the use of the temperature control knob. The temperature of the soldering tip may vary in between 180 to 350-degree centigrade.

Lead-free Contact Soldering Station

In many markets, the use of leaded solder is prohibited, and any electronic products containing lead are banned from entry. Lead-free contact soldering stations are hence getting increasingly common. They work at a higher temperature when compared to the contact and traditional soldering station.

Hot Air Soldering Station

Professionals heavily rely on the hot air soldering station as they can preheat the components before they are removed or fixed. A stream of hot water is used for heating the components. The solder station can be used for both soldering and de-soldering jobs. The stations provide for high-quality jobs and can be used for working on SMT components including DIP, BLCC, QFP basic and other kinds of Integrated Circuits.

Infrared Soldering Station

One of the most popular soldering methods used for mass production and for PCB assembly, the infrared (IR) soldering station, provides for utmost precision and avoidance of error. Use of infrared light prevents overheating of the board and its components and also decreases the risk of the deformation or damage to the components. A beam of infrared light is directed at the point of soldering where heat is required. The IR soldering station price may be a bit high, but it provides for best outcomes.

Desoldering Station

While some soldering stations can both solder and desolder, there are stations that are specifically designed and made for the soldering jobs. The compressor is one of the most integral and important parts of this system. The solder is blown away to a receiver and the components are successfully desoldered.

ESD-Safe or Non-ESD-safe Soldering Station

A soldering job may involve the building of static electricity, which may cause damage to the components of the board. The new soldering stations that have the static control feature remove this unnecessary and unwanted static and provide for reliable and high-quality components and boards that last longer. Choosing an ESD-Safe station is always recommended.

While a DIY project can be completed easily through the use of a contact soldering station, professional and industrial work jobs may require the more technologically sophisticated stations like the infrared station. Leading suppliers offer you a variety of soldering stations, including the high-quality Hakko soldering station at very affordable rates online.

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