Things You Should Consider When Shopping for a New Phone

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These days, smartphones have become an important component of our lives. We use them to communicate, take photos, save documents on the cloud, browse the internet, and even use the reverse charging feature to use them as power banks. 

But then, it is never easy to decide which ones to select, with such a wide range of devices available in the market. Deciding whether to go for a 5G mobile phone or to stay with the good old 4G-enabled smartphone is yet another dilemma we face today.

Here is a list of factors you must consider before you purchase your next smartphone. These are sorted from absolutely necessary to somewhat necessary.


We’ve seen people buy older smartphone models because of a drop in price. It is always advisable to buy a brand new mid-range phone than a year-old flagship model. And with Indian telecom operators set to roll out 5G networks soon, you should prefer the ones that support 5G connectivity.


There are 2 types of memory: RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read only memory). RAM operates along with the CPU to produce maximum efficiency. It is a temporary space where the programs are opened and run in the background. More RAM directly translates to more efficiency. For a regular user 4GB RAM is sufficient whereas for a heavy user or a gamer, 8GB should be fine. 

ROM, on the other hand, determines how much data you can store on your device, such as videos and photos. Nowadays, smartphones come with ample storage. But if you want, you can always go for a cloud storage service or a microSD card, provided your smartphone supports expandable memory.

Battery Capacity

Charging your phone in the middle of the day can be a pain. To avoid those hassles, go for a phone that has at least 4,000mAh of battery capacity if you’re a light-moderate user. For those who perform battery demanding tasks such as vlogging or gaming should not settle for anything below 4,000mAh. Many upcoming mobile phones are increasing their battery capacity to 5,000mAh. That being said, phones should support the fast charging feature as well. Afterall, you don’t want to be stuck without your smartphone for hours on end!


Smartphones with faster processors offer better performance. Different brands use different processors for different segments, such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, MediaTek Helio SoC, HiSilicon Kirin chipset, or the Exynos processor. Ensure that your smartphone comes with the latest, and if possible, high-end processor. This ensures that your smartphone performs at optimum levels at all times.

Display and Refresh Rate

So many people overlook the display resolution of their smart devices. Today, smartphones feature HD to QHD displays with high 90Hz to 120Hz refresh rates. A typical smartphone user will be happy with HD display with a 90Hz refresh rate. Those who want the top notch experience should go for a full HD+ display with 120Hz refresh rate. Do note that higher resolution and refresh rate will drain the battery faster.

Security Features

Literally every smartphone today features at least the basic fingerprint scanner. With the introduction of face unlock, iris scanning and other features, one must not forget to check whether the smartphone you want to purchase comes with the latest security features.

The Rest

Finally, look at a few other items which might now or along the way be important to you. Does the phone have stereo speakers? High-end phones like the iPhone X and Galaxy S9 do, meaning you can hear audio coming from both ends of the phone (or right and left, if you watch a movie and play games). 

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This is handy if you want to plug your mobile into a desk pad. Do you have a headset, or do you need a wired adapter or Bluetooth headset adapter? Is it tolerant of emerging 5G networks? In 2021, Indian telecom providers are expected to introduce 5G networks, so you can download apps, games, files and more at dramatically faster speeds. Take this into account if you want to future-proof your device.

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