Tips On How To Increase Your Odds Of Winning At Blackjack

Blackjack is a very popular casino banking game round the globe. Now, you can try your luck at this game by playing it online as well – on the Lottoland platform.

Lottoland is among the largest online gaming platforms. It is based out of Gibraltar. Established in 2013, it is on a high growth trajectory.

Blackjack is a thrilling game. There are ways to increase your winning options, and the right cards help you to make it big. Here are some tips to help you strike it rich!

Select tables where the stakes match your bankroll requirement

This can be tricky, especially if your pockets aren’t deep. But with the requisite know-how, you would be in a position to pinpoint the tables with lower stakes. Some casinos offer free games during non-peak hours. So you need to determine the suitable casino for you with the appropriate blackjack game.

Go for the table where the double down option is on offer

You have an option which can decrease your house edge. In some casinos, you can double down with a 10 or 11, while in some others, you can double down on any two cards of your choice. Do this right, the double downs will swell your wallet! So you need to strategize well so that your double downs are diminished significantly.

Double down with ace (any) against dealer’s six

If you have an ace up your sleeve (literally), and the dealer’s upcard is a six, then it’s the right time for a double down. Unless you are having a soft 20, you should always double down in such a scenario.

Don’t pay attention to fellow players.

Decisions taken by the other players on the table won’t have any effect on your odds, as Blackjack isn’t a team game. So, go ahead with your best strategy irrespective of what the others are playing.

Don’t get convinced that you have a right to win.

You are convinced that it’s your day and you will win every hand. But the cards don’t know & don’t even care whether you are on a winning or losing streak and whether the law of averages should be in your favour. So, regardless of the outcome of the past game, take each game as fresh & strategize likewise.

Follow a betting strategy.

Follow a betting strategy to maximize your winnings. If you are cautious, raise your bets step-by-step after each win. But if you’re a risk-taker, adopt the Martingale system – double your bets with each win. You may lose a lot…..but one win will significantly swell your kitty.

Stick to your limits

The golden rule is – know when to stop. Set & don’t cross your limits.

Blackjack is a game of chance like any game. But maintaining calm, clear thoughts & patience – along with strategizing – would definitely increase your winning opportunities.

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